When is the Best Time to Visit Maine?

The best time to visit Maine is the summer months, between late June and early August! This may come as a shock to those who would think the shoulder seasons would be the best, but truthfully, the weather during the summer in Maine just can’t be beaten. Plus, if you plan your trip to Maine in advance, you can definitely save some money versus booking last minute for accommodations.

In addition to the weather, summer in Maine is the best time to visit the state because the popular attractions are the most beautiful during this season. Spots like Acadia National Park or even Maine’s state parks have lots of activities like hiking which are best enjoyed with warm weather. Because Maine is coastal, there tends to be a great breeze!

As far as temperatures go, expect it to be around 70°F most days. It can get as high as 100°F in the middle of July, so definitely prepare yourself for some warmer weather. Don’t worry, though; there’s always a lake or beach nearby where you can visit to cool off pretty quickly.

Curious about what it’s like to visit Maine during other months? Learn more below!

Best Things to do in Maine in Winter

Lighthouse in Maine near a building on the coast surrounded by white snow.

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Best Things to do in Maine in Spring

Close up view of white flowers on a bush with a lighthouse in the background.

  • Visit some of the beautiful Maine state parks where you can hike, camp, swim, and just get outdoors to enjoy this state’s nature and beauty.
  • Step back in time by visiting Maine’s historical sites, which are spread all throughout the state. No matter which one you visit, you’ll be able to learn some of Maine’s history.
  • Have fun in Freeport, one of the best spots to visit in all of Maine! There are so many fun activities in this town that can keep even large families busy.
  • Relax at one of the incredible Maine lakes. It’s best to visit them in the spring because they can get pretty busy in the summer.
  • Go small town hopping in Maine! Visit places like Rockland (which has great restaurants), Boothbay Harbor, and Bethel, which are incredibly cute and charming.
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Best Things to do in Maine in Summer

Lovely village with colorful homes right on the coast of the beach.

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Best Things to do in Maine in Fall

Empty road surrounded by trees covered in fall foliage.

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