When is the Best Time to Visit Vermont?

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Let’s be honest: even though locals may say that Vermont is beautiful year-round, as a tourist, there are definitely particular parts of the year that are a lot nicer to visit. That’s why the best time to visit Vermont is the fall, between September and November!

This time of year, the average temperature is between 46°F and 69°F, making for beautiful weather. There’s usually not a lot of rain in the fall, but there are crisp winds. Truthfully, it’s the perfect sweater weather in New England.

October is the best time to visit Vermont for fall colors because this is the time that all the leaves start to change and fall off the trees. While it does get a bit busier in Vermont during the fall because all the leaf peepers visit the state, it’s truthfully not as busy as you’d think it is. You can still take in the view and enjoy the beauty without feeling crowded.

the Vermont State House in the fall

Keep in mind that different parts of the state may start to experience the changing of the leaves at varying times due to the weather that each part receives. 

Are you curious about some of the best things to do during each season in Vermont? Learn more below! Even though fall is the most beautiful time to visit, Vermont is still filled with season-specific fun activities throughout the year.

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Best Things to do in Vermont in Winter

people skiing on a vermont mountain covered in snow
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Best Things to do in Vermont in Spring

Empty Vermont road by a blue lake in the spring

Best Things to do in Vermont in Summer

kayaks on the water in a state park in summer

Best Things to do in Vermont in Fall

pumpkins on a wagon at a pumpkin patch

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