Top 5 Places to go Dog Sledding in Vermont

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There are lots of cool Vermont activities, but is there anything cooler than dog sledding?! If you’re visiting Vermont and hoping to try your hand at dog sledding, you’ve got some great dog sledding/mushing options that provide this very cool experience! 

Most everyone has been skiing in the winter somewhere, but dog sledding? That is a unique winter thing to do for most, and these are the top spots to go dog sledding in Vermont.

Dog Sledding in Vermont

Eden Ethical Dog Sledding Experience

Two huskies are getting ready to lead Vermont dog sledding activities
Huskies are such pretty dogs, and they are commonly found leading Vermont dog sledding adventures!

If you are interested in a Vermont dog sledding experience but want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the sled dogs are receiving the gold standard of ethical sled dog care, Eden Ethical Dog Sledding Experience is the perfect place to go! Located in beautiful Eden Mills Vermont, you’ll find these sled dogs live on a gorgeous 140-acre farm and live a life free on the farm, never chained. In addition to winter dog sledding, you can also find spring, summer, and fall rides on their scenic trail system with their wheeled sleds; no snow, no problem! 

Cobble Hill Kennel, Middlebury VT

If you’re looking for where to go dog sledding in the Green Mountains, check out Cobble Hill Kennel in Middlebury Vermont. This dogsled touring company also races competitively, so the dogs that will be pulling you are powerhouse athletes! They offer traditional Vermont mushing rides in the snow and fall cart rides as well, and the proceeds from their dog sledding tours help to take care of these incredible canine athletes.

Cobble Hill Kennel also has an Adopt a Sled Dog program for their sled dogs who are retiring and even the young pups who have decided they’d rather curl up on someone’s couch rather than pull someone in a sled; you can take a look at their adorable pups up for adoption here.

Vermont Ventures LLC, Lyndonville VT

Vermont Ventures LLC is a dog sledding business in Northern VT that provides two interesting dog sledding experiences: a Vermont Dog Sled Day Adventure and a Vermont Dog Sled Night Adventure. Both include learning some basic knowledge about the dogs’ care and commands, and a warm drink to sip by the wood stove at the end as you spend a little time playing with the dogs that just pulled you. Both experiences sound interesting, but flying over the snow in the moonlight? That sounds like a very cool Vermont dog sledding experience!

Umiak Outdoor Outfitters, Stowe and Fayston VT

A little girl pets a dog after a Vermont dog sledding experience
Just a girl saying thank you to one of the pups that made her Vermont dog sledding adventure happen!

Offering two locations for dog sledding in Vermont, Umiak Outdoor Outfitters allows people a day time dog sled ride that is less than two hours in Mad River Valley, and a half hour evening dog sled ride at Stoweflake Mountain Resort. Whether you opt for the shorter or the longer dog sledding experience, bundle up because it gets cold flying over the snow!

Montgomery Adventures, Montgomery Center VT

Montgomery Adventures in Montgomery Center Vermont provides a variety of guided outdoor activities in Northern VT, with dog sledding being just one of them. With years of wildlife guide experience, a dog sledding adventure at Montgomery Adventures is sure to be as informative as it is fun!

When you’re planning a VT dog sledding adventure, be sure to come prepared! Each business might have their own criteria for what to bring and what to expect during your Vermont dog sledding experience, but the standard rule of layers, layers, and more layers generally applies! If you’re setting up a winter dog sledding trip in Vermont, expect the cold and come prepared with several layers of protection like goggles and neck gaiters, too.

Have fun crossing this unique winter activity off of your Vermont bucket list!

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