12 Must-See Waterfalls in Massachusetts 

waterfalls in massachusetts - image of small waterfall falling over grey rocks covered in fall leaves

Massachusetts is known for many things. It’s home to numerous professional sports teams, has one of the biggest cities in the country within its borders, and is rich in American history. It’s also a beautiful state that’s home to many natural resources, including waterfalls.  Massachusetts waterfalls are known for being surrounded by thick forestry and …

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Dawnland Destinations: Best Spots to Watch the Sunrise in Maine

sunrise in maine - image of sun rising over the rocky maine coast, bright pink flowers in the foreground

At the eastern extremity of the continental United States, Maine’s more than 3000 miles of coastal frontage lends itself to an endless array of beautiful destinations to watch the day’s early light race across the horizon.  The sun’s rays hit Maine’s coast first before anywhere else in the country. The region’s relationship with the sunrise …

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15 Best Beaches in Connecticut

best beaches in connecticut - image of sunset sky over rocky beach hammonasset connecticut

While waking up to a hot summer day in the middle of July normally screams ‘beach day!’, in my opinion, these marvelous stretches of sand can be enjoyed throughout every season. Whether it’s a full day with your family and friends, cooler in hand, soaking up the sun or it’s wrapping up warm, gathering your …

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15 Best Beaches in Massachusetts

best beaches in massachusetts - image of overhead view of provincetown MA cape cod on a sunny calm day

Among Massachusetts’ many claims to fame, its beaches stand out as one with widespread appeal. Whether your beach persona is wave-rider, tranquil tanner, beach game-initiator, book-reader, nature enthusiast, or something else entirely, pack a bag and don’t forget your sunglasses! Sandy spots up and down the coast and even in inland communities have a lot …

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14 Hikes Near Burlington VT

hikes near burlington vt header image - photo of distant mountains and lake with fall foliage dotting the scene

Burlington, VT is well known for its location next to the stunning Lake Champlain and is a fun city to visit year round! Although most visitors will plan on coming to see fall foliage, there is much to do during the spring, summer, and winter. If you need a break from the bustling Church Street …

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