10 Must-See Lakes In Rhode Island

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There’s a very good reason Rhode Island’s official nickname involves water! The Ocean State is the place to visit if you love all things water related. We have beautiful beaches, a captivating coastline and legendary lakes! The lakes in Rhode Island are unlike any other.

Whether it’s kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding or swimming, there’s a bunch of activities for everyone to love. Below are ten lakes worth adding to your travel itinerary when you make a trip to the smallest state in the USA! 

Edgewood Lake – Providence County

An aerial view of a lake surrounded by trees and a white building

Edgewood Lake is located in the southern part of Providence Country, just a couple of miles away from nearby Cranston. It can also often be referred to as Edgewood Pond or Cunliff Pond. It’s a popular spot to visit for any day trip to Providence, especially if you’re heading to the Roger William Park which is often a highlight for families, both local and tourists.

A popular hike is the 3.8 Roger William Pond Loop which takes you around the park’s lakes, including Edgewood lake, offering lovely views of the surrounding areas and ample opportunity to spot some wildlife. A great place to start the hike is from the Boathouse. 

Fishing is very popular at this lake too! I’ve not been myself, but after speaking to some colleagues who do, they mentioned two of the most popular species of fish you would likely find here are Red Drum and Largemouth Bass. If fishing isn’t your thing, you could always choose to rent one of the swan boats or electric boats for a leisurely ride along the lake!

Also just a five minute drive away is Edgewood Beach if you fancy swimming, relaxing or want to go paddle boarding! 

One day here is never enough, so make sure you book a camping spot at either Waters Edge Family Campground or Lincoln Woods Campground, both within a 30 minute drive from Edgewater Lake, so you can enjoy a long weekend exploring. 

Spring Lake – Providence County

A woman smiling while rowing a yellow kayak, followed by a man rowing a red kayak

Located in the lovely village of Glendale, this lake is one of my favorites. It’s extremely popular amongst the residents of Rhode Island as it is also home to Spring Lake Beach. There are so many recreational activities and amenities on offer.

The shop located on the beach offers visitors the chance to purchase sports equipment for both badminton and volleyball and there are even swimming lessons available with a schedule posted online with additional information on. 

Boat rentals are popular with many hiring out canoes and kayaks to enjoy on the water during the summer! Restrooms and outdoor showers are available for everyone to use as well as a playground for younger children.

Make sure you bring food with you as there are picnic benches available for families to use too. Lifeguards are present when the beach officially opens and there is a resident/non resident fee for entry to the lake and beach. 

Make sure you also check out the arcade which is famous for having some of the oldest types of arcade games in America! There are some great antique games available to play, some even just for a penny! 

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Echo Lake – Providence County 

Closeup of someone holding a fishing rod on a lake

Quite often referred to as Pascoag Reservoir, Echo Lake is a freshwater lake that has superb water quality and is a hit with both locals and tourists on a hot summer’s day. Those lucky enough to own one of the lakefront houses, have their own private docks to take their boat out on with ease!

For non-residents, there is also access to the lake via a ramp where you can equally enjoy being out on the water. This can also be used to launch kayaks and canoes too! 

Fishing is also popular here, although it can get a little windy sometimes. Fish species you may catch include the Golden Shiner, Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Perch and more!

Due to the impressive water quality, people often come here to swim too, although there are certain restrictions for non-residents so it’s worth reading up on before you visit. Other notable activities people love includes jet skiing and paddle boarding! 

For non-residents, Echo Lake Campground acts as the main entry point and is conveniently located next to the lake, offering tourists the chance to optimise their time in the Ocean State and stay for longer! There are plenty of camping spots to choose from as well as a store for supplies and picnic benches that can be used. 

Bowdish Lake – Providence County 

Green tent in the forest next to a lake

Located very close to the neighboring state of Connecticut, Bowdish Lake sits in the northwest corner of Rhode Island, welcoming all members of the public. There are two great camping options nearby that are great for families.

The Bowdish Lake Campground is located on the northeast side of the lake and offers a great outdoor experience. Check out their website online for all their activities!

The second campsite located near the southeast shoreline is the George Washington Campground which is smaller and quieter but still offers ample opportunity for swimming and boating on the lake. 

If you own a boat but aren’t a resident, there is a boat ramp available to use in order to gain access to the water. Have a relaxing day lounging on your boat, but make sure you check up online first about the rules around speed limits whilst on the water.

Fishing is also popular here, especially for those with lakefront houses! Sunbathing and swimming is also an option as well as taking a hike around the nearby Walkabout Trail Loop

Lake Aldersgate – Providence County 

A large body of water surrounded by trees reflected in the water

If you have enough time, it’s worth checking out Lake Aldersgate near the town of Glocester too. Whilst being out on the water here is fun, a lot of people thoroughly enjoy spending a lot of their time at nearby Camp Aldersgate.

They have put together a number of family fun programs promoting a friendly and supportive environment for all. Programs include swimming, orienteering, hiking, arts and crafts, horse riding, boating, kayaking, archery and more! 

There are summer camps available for children and staying here gives you full access to enjoy this beautiful lake! 

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Lake Mishnock – Kent County

People riding bikes on a trail

With more than 40 acres to explore, Lake Mishnock is definitely not one to be missed. Located near the town of West Greenwich, you’re spoilt for choice in what to do in the area. Depending on where you’re coming from, check out either The Kayak Centre in North Kingstown or Rhode Island Paddle Sports in East Greenwich for kayak and canoe rentals that you can use on the lake! 

After a swim and some lunch, make sure you fit some hiking in too. Big River Management Area is close by and a really popular walk is the leisurely four mile loop around Carr’s Pond and Tarbox Pond which has some beautiful scenery.

There’s a great hike at nearby Browning Mill Pond Area too. If you’re not too tired, grab your bikes and hit some of the trails around the lake. Most people choose to spend the night either at Colwell’s Campground or Camp Sunrise – both ideal choices! 

As you are visiting the smallest state in the US, lots of people choose to make the most of their time here and often check out Yawgoo Valley which provides skiing and snowboarding in the winter and a water park in the summer!

Any golf enthusiasts? Head over to Coventry Pines Country Club, less than a ten minute drive away!

Lake Washington – Providence County

Man paddle boarding on a lake while the sun is setting

Located in the north west of the state, Lake Washington is another fantastic lake to visit in Providence County. As with most lakes in Rhode Island, fishing is extremely popular here, as well as boating, however, it’s worth noting only non-motorised boats are allowed here as well as those only powered with an electric motor. 

You’ll also find many paddle boarders here in the summer evenings. You’re not too far from Providence if you wanted to rent some kayaks or canoes to take with you! 

The George Washington Campground is right by the lake too, making it the ideal place to head to after a full day on the water. If you’re after a hike, Pulaski State Park and Recreation Area is less than a five minute drive away and offers fishing in the 13 acre Peck Pond, a variety of nature trails and scenic picnic areas to relax with family and friends! 

Wallum Lake – Providence County 

Group of kids jumping off a dock into a lake

Wallum Lake is wonderful. It sits between both Rhode Island and Massachusetts, with the northern end being in Massachusetts and the southern part belonging in Rhode Island. Buck Hill Management Area is within close proximity and boasts a large campground area that’s extremely popular with both locals and tourists – reservations are definitely recommended!

There are plenty of opportunities for hiking, as well as access to swimming, canoeing, fishing, boating and kayaking on Wallum Lake and nearby Wakefield Pond. 

There is a wildlife marsh too which is kept maintained which is the perfect place to look out for a variety of bird species. Wallum Lake also has three boat ramps in total, with one being situated at the southern end of the lake in the lovely town of Burrillville.

If you want to extend your stay but fancy stopping somewhere different, Douglas State Forest surrounds the northern tip of the lake in Massachusetts and is a great addition to your trip if you want to explore further! Popular activities here include swimming, boating, and cross country skiing in the winter months.

There are plenty of picnic benches and restrooms but the top tip would be to get here early, especially in the summer. The parking lot has been known to reach full capacity by 09:00am! 

Boone Lake – Washington County

Red canoe sitting on a rock next to a lake

Dubbed as one of the Ocean State’s best lakes, Boone Lake is located in the lovely area of Exeter. Whilst it is a private lake for residents, it’s not completely off limits! If you fancy stopping a weekend in Rhode Island, you can rent one of the lakeside homes and have full access to one of the cleanest lakes in the state! 

Nearby, you’ll find Beach Pond Management Area and Arcadia State Forest, offering you and the family plenty of choice for hitting some trails and exploring. The Browning Mill Pond and Tefft Hill hike is a favorite of mine!

As a resident (even if it is just for a weekend!), you can fish, swim and use your boat here too! Hope Valley Bait & Tackle store is nearby if you wanted to rent a canoe, kayak or fishing equipment for your trip! 

Miscoe Lake – Providence County

A heron at the edge of the water in a marsh

Although this lake is partially shared with Massachusetts, many Rhode Island residents would argue that most of it sits well within the Ocean State. Located in the northwest, this beautiful lake is an ideal place to visit in the summer months.

There’s an abundance of wildlife so I’d definitely recommend bringing some binoculars. Many people have spotted turtles, beavers and herons during their trip here. 

If you fancy a stroll, Diamond Hill Park is located a few minutes away and includes a variety of hiking trails and picnic benches which you can use. Another option for a walk is the Mercy Woods Trailhead too.

In terms of the lake itself, you will get full access if you’re able to rent out one of the lakeside properties – have a look at their availability online! Also at the southern part of the lake, you will find Grants Mill Pond Dam, built in 1937, which is a good history lesson if you have time to read up about it prior to your visit. 

If you head to Miscoe Lake via Providence, you’ll pass through plenty of kayak and canoe rental shops that will be happy to help you out for your trip to the lake! 

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