When is the Best Time to Visit Connecticut?

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So, you want to know the best time to visit Connecticut? It may not be exactly when you think… in fact, the best time to visit Connecticut is actually during the spring months between April and June! The weather is perfect this time of year, which means you’ll get to explore the state’s top destinations without the summer heat. Plus, you’ll avoid all the summer vacation families that come during July and August!

In spring, some of the top places to visit include the state parks, lakes, and even cabins that Connecticut has to offer so that you can genuinely get outdoors. There are also many great towns to visit if you’d rather not escape to nature, like Mystic (which has an incredible aquarium), Old Saybrook, and Hartford.

The weather during spring in Connecticut is absolutely unbeatable. Most days, it’s in the 60s, but it can get as low as around 55°F if you visit during the earlier months of spring. However, the sun tends to be out quite a lot! This is one of the more rainier times of the year, but the rain showers never last too long, and there are more than enough indoor activities to keep you busy if an unexpected storm comes.

What is it like to visit during other seasons in Connecticut? Read on to find out!

Best Things to do in Connecticut in Winter

River surrounded by trees and white snow.

  • Have a romantic weekend away! This is best done during the winter because often, accommodation prices tend to be a bit lower during this time of year. There’s the Inn at Stonington, Delamar, The Inn at Woodstock, and more!
  • Attend an annual Connecticut winter event like the First Night Celebration in Hartford or the Snow Much Fun event hosted in Newtown. These are some of the best ways to spend winter in Connecticut!
  • Spend some time in Connecticut at Christmas by heading to Greenwich, where you can enjoy the holidays on the coast! Plus, there’s the fun Greenwich Reindeer Festival, perfect for those visiting the area with families.
  • Head to a Christmas tree farm to find your holiday tree! Visiting these farms is a great way to support the locals. We also all know a real tree can be a lot more fun (even if it is more of a hassle) to have in your home for the holidays!
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Best Things to do in Connecticut in Spring

Capitol building with spring flowers under a blue sky.

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Best Things to do in Connecticut in Summer

Empty beach with blue waters.

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Best Things to do in Connecticut in Fall

City skyline of Hartford surrounded by fall foliage under a sunset.

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