15 Best Pumpkin Patches in Connecticut

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If you’ve never been to New England in the fall, then you’re missing out, my friend! It’s genuinely one of the most magical times to visit the states here because fall foliage is absolutely unmatched compared to the rest of the United States.

While leaf peeping, consider checking out some of the best pumpkin patches in Connecticut. There are so many to choose from, so it can be hard deciding which ones are actually worth visiting. Throughout this post, you’ll find some of the top-rated pumpkin patches in Connecticut!

Whittle’s Willow Spring Farm

Woman in the mountains holding 3 pumpkins, two white and one orange

First is one of the top pumpkin patches in Connecticut, Whittle’s Willow Spring Farm. It’s located in Mystic, Connecticut, one of the best destinations in the state that you won’t want to miss out on. 

While it’s essentially just a market spot, they also have a pumpkin harvest patch that is totally amazing for picking out a pumpkin for fall. There are even tractor rides, and usually, there’s a huge pumpkin that they put out to celebrate the fall time. Consider grabbing some beautiful mums while you’re picking your dream pumpkin!

The Pickin’ Patch

A group of people on a hayride with mountains in the background
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Next is The Pickin’ Patch, another of the great pumpkin patches in Connecticut. This one is located in Avon, right along the Farmington River! It’s a small but mighty farm that you won’t want to miss.

To get to the pumpkin patch here, you do have to hop on a short hayride, but it has excellent views along the way! It’s usually open only on the weekends, but it’s well worth it to stop by if you can. Be sure to stop by the farm stand before leaving to grab some great fall decor.

Riverview Farms

Closeup of a stack of apple cider donuts with some apples behind them

Riverview Farms is a great pumpkin patch to visit. It’s in South Glastonbury and has a decent-sized pumpkin patch for guests to visit and explore when looking for the ideal pumpkin. They also have tons of other fun fall things to partake in.

They usually have a huge giant pumpkin bounce house that you can hop around in too! In addition, there’s a corn maze, zoo, tons of snacks (like apple cider and apple cider donuts), and of course, hayrides. Fall wouldn’t be fall without the hayrides!

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Foster Farm

A group of pumpkins in a field

Foster Farm is a beautiful pumpkin patch that is located in South Windsor. You can usually start picking pumpkins in September, which is right around the perfect time to start carving your pumpkin to put on your doorstep.

There are great corn mazes, a huge play area for children, and more. They even have a pirate ship made out of wood that kids can play on! Traditionally, Foster Farm also has a fun hayride that will bring you to and from the pumpkin patch, though they halted it in 2020.

Lyman Orchards

Little girl in a red hat running through a corn maze

Lyman Orchards is located in Middlefield and is an amazingly picturesque pumpkin patch to visit in the fall. Seriously, from the elevated pumpkin patch, you can look out and see blue skies and beautiful fall foliage! It’s honestly picture-perfect.

Don’t forget to check out the corn maze too, which Lyman Orchards is most well known for. It’s said to be extremely tricky to do, even if you’ve done quite a few corn mazes on your own! There are also amazing treats for your sweet tooth too.

Angevine Farm

Pumpkins on the ground in front of a fence

Angevine Farm is another of the best pumpkin patches in Connecticut. It’s located in Warren and has a wide variety of different pumpkins to choose from. They even have ones that don’t look super traditional, so if you want something a little out of the ordinary, this is the place for you to go.

Be sure to grab one of the wheelbarrows to go around and find the perfect pumpkin. It makes it a lot easier to bring it to the car. Kids will love playing with the wheelbarrow during the trip.

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Rose’s Berry Farm

Rows of pumpkins at a pumpkin patch

Rose’s Berry Farm is one of the best pumpkin patches in Connecticut for apparent reasons! Not only do they have a huge pumpkin patch that you can explore to find the perfect pumpkin to bring home and carve, but they really pull out all the stops when it comes to fall festivities.

There’s an excellent tractor hayride that you have to even get to the pumpkin patch, which is super fun, especially for young kids. Even more, there’s a corn maze, a huge slide for children, a croquet that’s Halloween-themed, and more! It is usually only open on the weekends, though, which is something to consider if you plan to visit Rose’s Berry Farm.

Karabin Farms

Pile of pumpkins with a tractor in the distance;

Karabin Farms is located in Southington and is one of the great pumpkin patches in Connecticut. They have a pumpkin patch, but a lot of the time, there are also just pumpkins available at the farm stand, so you can save yourself some time.

Karabin Farms also has tons of other fun events like tractor rides and, of course, tasty fall treas. There is also a petting area so families can check out some of the animals that are right at the farms. Kids especially love this about Karabin Farms!

Silverman’s Farm

Looking down at a glass of apple cider surrounded by red apples

Next is Silverman’s Farm, one of the best pumpkin patches in Connecticut. It’s located in Easton on Sport Hill Road and is a great one to visit if you’re traveling in that area of the state. In addition to the great pumpkin patch, Silverman’s Farm has tons of fall festivities perfect for families visiting the area.

There’s weekend live music too, which is super fun. Children can have fun petting the animals from the farm and enjoy some delicious apple cider donuts from the shop. What more could you want?

Warrup’s Farm

Pumpkins in the grass at sunset

Warrup’s Farm is located in Redding and is a great spot to visit in the fall. It’s a classic pumpkin patch, but sometimes that’s all you want to make a memorable fall experience! Right at Warrup’s, you can find a great pumpkin and pick it yourself.

The food at Warrup’s Farm is also incredible. Don’t leave without at least trying some of the delicious apple cider. They also sometimes have other treats made with ingredients from the farm, so don’t miss out.

Johnny Appleseed’s Farm

Pumpkins in a pumpkin patch with a farm in the distance

Even though this farm is named Johnny Appleseed’s Farm, it’s known for being one of the best pumpkin patches in Connecticut! It’s located in Ellington and has tons of pick your own produce, including pumpkins.

The farm is located on Schoolhouse Road and is filled with tons of things to do. Of course, you should pick a pumpkin, but you may also want to check out the epic apple orchards while you’re there. Their apples are excellent and cover more than 50 acres of land!

Wright’s Orchard

Closeup of pumpkins on the ground

Wright’s Orchard in Tolland is a beautiful spot to go if you want to get a great pumpkin. They operate on limited hours and are never open for more than a few hours a day, though, soo make sure you plan your trip wisely, or you may just miss them!

The orchard opened in the 1980s and has since truly evolved into a lot more than just an orchard. There’s a huge spot to pick pumpkins, as well as an area to purchase almost any time of produce you can imagine: blueberries, peaches, apples, and more!

Blue Jay Orchards

Pumpkins in a pumpkin patch at sunset

Blue Jay Orchards is a great pumpkin patch to visit with family in the fall! It’s located in Bethel, Connecticut, on Plumtrees Road. They have big wheelbarrows that you can use to grab the pumpkin of your dreams and bring it to your car.

Once you’re done finding the perfect pumpkin, be sure to grab some delicious sweets on your way out. Blue Jay Orchards, of course, has tons of fantastic apple products because they are an orchard! Don’t forget to try the apple pie or even the apple cider or donuts.

Brown’s Harvest

Closeup of a pile of orange pumpkins

Brown’s Harvest is one of the best pumpkin patches in Connecticut in Windsor. They have a great pumpkin patch that is usually ready for people to pick from in mid-September, which is right around the time that the rest of their fall festivities open too!

At Brown’s Harvest, there’s a huge play area for children, as well as a small corn maze, fun snacks, and hayrides. One of the most fun things about Brown’s Harvest is The Flashlight Maze which opens a bit later in the fall season.

Plasko’s Farm

Pumpkins in a pumpkin patch at sunset

Located in Trumbull, Connecticut, on Daniels Farm Road is Plasko’s Farm. This fantastic farm has some history in the area, and the same family still runs it. It first opened back in the 1920s by a family who moved here from Europe.

The pumpkin patch is the main thing to visit here, but they also have tons of old tractors, which are fun to see and check out. They also have great corn mazes, mums, and more! If you’re in a time crunch, they also have pumpkins they’ve already picked available for purchase.

There are pumpkin patches galore in Connecticut, all over the state! No matter which one you end up visiting, you’ll truly have an epic time that will be a lifelong memory, especially if you’re visiting with children. Which pumpkin patch in Connecticut would you most want to visit? 

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