15 Great Things to Do in Old Saybrook CT

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Located right on the coast of Connecticut, Old Saybrook is one of the most historic towns in the entire state. It was first founded in the 1600s and has served as inspiration for many different movies over the years!

Because of its history, there are so many great things to do in Old Saybrook CT. No matter what type of traveler you are, you’re bound to find something great to do here. There are great art activities, outdoor excursions, and more!

We’ve rounded up the best things to do in Old Saybrook, Connecticut below, but if you’re looking for things to do in Old Saybrook CT this weekend or what to do in Old Saybrook today, check out this local calendar for current events!

Things to Do in Old Saybrook CT

Look for wildlife at Rocky Neck State Park

Rocks on the shoreline and a colorful sunset sky of pink, orange, and blue in Old Saybrook Connecticut
Visiting this scenic spot is always one of the top Old Saybrook things to do!

Rocky Neck State Park is one of the absolute musts on the list of things to do in Old Saybrook. There are tons of fun ways to spend the day while at Rocky Neck State Park, from swimming on the beach to going on picnics.

The most popular thing to do in Rocky Neck State Park is to go on hikes to search for local wildlife. There are many different trails here ranging in difficulty, too, so whether you’re a new hiker or you’re more seasoned, you’ll be able to enjoy your time here. There are even hikes that are kid friendly, too.

Play Mini Golf at Saybrook Point Miniature Golf

How would you like to “putt a round by the Sound?” That’s the adorable tag line for Old Saybrook’s seasonal mini golf course! Open May through Columbus Day, if you’re looking for fun things to do in Old Saybrook that are scenic and get you out in the fresh sea air, Saybrook Point Miniature Golf is a great choice.

Visit the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center

A close up of a person playing a guitar in Old Saybrook Connecticut
A visit to The Kate is always one of the most popular things to do in Old Saybrook!

Visiting the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center is one of the best things to do in Old Saybrook. It opened in 2009 and is named after none other than Katharine Hepburn. With a theater capacity of 250, this is a fantastic place to see a performance.

There are tons of different performances and events throughout the year, so you truly have a wide variety of options. There are famous singers and small-town bands who come to perform too. Sometimes you can even be lucky enough to catch an opera performance! Just be sure to buy tickets well in advance, as this is one of the most popular Old Saybrook things to do!

Go Antiquing

If you’re looking for great year round activities in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, add antiquing to the list! There are a ton of awesome antique and vintage shops in Old Saybrook, so if you enjoy hunting for treasures of days past, you will have an absolute blast antiquing in this cute coastal CT town!

Explore the Connecticut River Museum

Black and white picture of a white house on the water on a cloudy day
Editorial credit: North woodsman / Shutterstock.com; this is a great way to spend the day near Old Saybrook.

With a short drive from Old Saybrook, you can get to the Connecticut River Museum. It opened in the 1800s and serves as a famous educational museum for those visiting the area who want to learn more about maritime history.

The museum hosts a variety of rotating exhibitions too throughout the year. In 2021, the Connecticut River Museum housed the Hands on the Land exhibit. Sometimes they even host significant paintings and put them on display, like The Schooner Yachts Dauntless and Coronet.

Ride the dinner steam train

The back of a man facing a woman who is smiling at him. They are sitting at a white table with a flower centerpiece on a date in Old Saybrook Connecticut
This could be a fun Old Saybrook Connecticut date idea, too!

Take a ride on the Essex Steam Train for a fantastic ride. It starts at Essex Station, and then there’s a four-mile ride that ends in Old Saybrook. It’s an incredible historic ride that started back in the 1960s.

The regular train ride is only open to the public between June and October because New England can get unpredictable winter weather. The ride is generally in the morning, starting around 10 a.m., and lasts for an hour.

The dinner version of the train is, of course, in the evening. They only offer this at certain times throughout the year, so you’ll want to check their website to see if you can go during your trip to Old Saybrook. 

Enjoy Fort Saybrook Monument Park

Park on a sunny day in Old Saybrook CT, trees reflecting in the sun
How beautiful is this sunny day scene?

For great history and some time outdoors, look no further than Fort Saybrook Monument Park. The park is just shy of 20 acres, so it’s relatively large. Throughout the park, you can find different pieces of history that educate visitors on the earliest days of Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

The Fort Saybrook Monument Park is located near the water, so there is usually a nice breeze. Follow the trails for a fun early morning stroll! Keep in mind that it is a public park, so it does have certain opening hours. Be on the lookout for the wildlife, including the birds!

Catch the sunset at Harvey’s Beach

Calm water and a sandy beach at dusk in Old Saybrook Connecticut
Coastal Connecticut is absolutely gorgeous, so a visit to the beach is always a top Old Saybrook thing to do!

Obviously, one of the best things to do in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, is to head to the beach! Honestly, no trip to a coastal Connecticut town is complete without a stop at the beach, and Harvey’s Beach is perfect for that.

Harvey’s Beach is said to be one of the top beaches in the entire state. It’s a great spot to go swimming, but New England water tends to be cold a lot of the time. You can also go fishing here, walk along the water, or even hop out on a boat to explore more of the area.

See the collections at Florence Griswold Museum

A woman with very long dark hair looking at a piece of artwork on the wall at a museum in Old Saybrook Connecticut
Add this to the list of great rainy day activities in Old Saybrook CT!

Visiting museums and other educational institutions while traveling is one of the best ways to learn more about the place that you’re traveling in. The Florence Griswold Museum is no exception! 

The Florence Griswold Museum was owned by none other than Florence Griswold and has since become a place filled with paintings in the Impressionist style in American history.

Even if you aren’t a big fan of art, then you’ll genuinely enjoy just walking around the inside of this house. It was built in the early 19th century, so it’s a beautiful example of Georgian-style architecture in New England.

Take a trip to Gillette Castle

Stone castle on a clear day with blue sky near Old Saybrook Connecticut
Gillette Castle is a must visit while on vacation in Old Saybrook!

While technically located a ten-minute drive away from Old Saybrook in Lyme, Gillette Castle is one place you can’t miss out on when visiting this part of Connecticut. This historical and medieval castle will genuinely make you feel like you’re in Europe. 

When you’re done visiting the castle, you can also walk around and explore the rest of the state park. It’s just shy of 200 acres, so there are tons of spots for you to adventure through. There are spots for hiking, camping, and more. You can even book a tour of the area.

Enjoy seafood at Liv’s Shack

Fingers holding a seafood sandwich with a woman facing them in Old Saybrook Connecticut
How about a Connecticut lobster roll?

Absolutely one of the top things to do in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, is to stop by Liv’s Shack. This restaurant is super unassuming from the outside, but it’s the best spot for seafood in all of Old Saybrook.

The food here is very affordable too, and outdoor seating is abundant so you can enjoy the beautiful New England weather. The menu includes everything from their famous lobster rolls to grilled cajun fish tacos and even salads and hamburgers. Add on a side of truffle fries for a great treat!

Discover the beauty of the Lynde Point Lighthouse

A lighthouse and a house on the water with lawn of green grass in the foreground in Old Saybrook Connecticut
Add a visit to this lighthouse to your Old Saybrook itinerary!

Connecticut (and the rest of New England, honestly) is known for its incredible lighthouses. Head to the Lynde Point Lighthouse to experience one for yourself! Some locals still call it the Saybrook Inner Lighthouse.

It’s located along the Connecticut River and was built in the early nineteenth century. The lighthouse has tons of history that you can learn more about online. If you want an incredible view, you can even stop by to catch the sunset right next to the lighthouse as it overlooks the water.

See What’s Happening on the Town Green

The Town Green is where you’ll find all kinds of fun Old Saybrook things to do throughout the year, like a summer concert series when the weather is warm and a snowman competition in January when the weather is cold! Be sure to check the local Old Saybrook Town Green calendar to see what’s happening during your visit.

Have a pint at Myrcene Ale Co

4 glasses of beer lined up on a table with the same amount of liquid in each in Old Saybrook Connecticut
Old Saybrook breweries like Myrcene Ale Co make a great place to hang with friends, family, or even a date!

Everyone loves a good night out (or late afternoon), and the top spot to do that in Old Saybrook is at Myrcene Ale Co. Fairly new on the scene in this cute coastal CT town, it’s quickly becoming a go to spot for Old Saybrook things to do!

This Old Saybrook brewery is family friendly and dog friendly, both indoors and out, so feel free to bring the whole gang along with you while you try their interesting brew selection. They don’t sell food onsite, but do host food trucks regularly. Outside food is welcome at Myrcene Ale Co, and a day at the brewery could be a fun Old Saybrook date idea!

Explore on Main Street

Two women laughing together and both wearing hats ad carrying shopping bags
Shopping is a classic Old Saybrook activity.

For a more leisurely thing to do in Old Saybrook, go straight to the town’s Main Street. It’s an extremely historic part of the town and has even been the inspiration for Americana in many Hollywood movies, so the street will genuinely take you back in time.

The area is filled with tons of shops, restaurants, and other local establishments. It’s great just to go down and spend time there walking around to see what you stumble upon. This is also a fantastic spot for a bike ride.

There are so many fun things to do in Old Saybrook Connecticut! It’s a perfect place to visit if you want to experience a small coastal Connecticut town. Visit this scenic CT town any time of year for fun in Old Saybrook.

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