The 25+ Best Things to Do in Burlington VT

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Burlington, Vermont is a city that’s incredibly near and dear to my heart. I’ve lived in Vermont on and off for over 15 years, and in that time, Burlington has remained my favorite part of the state. Today, I’m finally sharing my list of the best things to do in Burlington VT, in the hopes that you’ll come to love Burlington as much as I have.

Let’s jump right into this Burlington Vermont travel guide!

Where is Burlington, VT?

Located in the northwest part of Vermont, along Lake Champlain, Burlington, VT is the state’s largest city, but it is by no means a large city. The population was just over 42,000 in 2017, which is smaller than Manchester, New Hampshire, Boston (by far), and even smaller than Portland Maine, which is a fairly comparable New England city.

Burlington’s modest size is part of its charm. You’ll never feel like you’re in a big urban center when you’re here; in fact, nature is so prevalent here in the Green Mountain state that visitors are likely to think of Burlington as feeling surprisingly rural.

It makes sense. Just 10 minutes from downtown Burlington can bring you to sprawling fields and farmland, with ridges of the Green Mountains in easy reach for hiking and skiing. At the other side of Burlington is the massive, glittering Lake Champlain, which divides Vermont from its nearest neighbor, New York. Across this vast expanse of water, you’ll see the lake framed by the rugged mountains of the Adirondacks. Yes, natural beauty is everywhere, and you’ll embrace both the outdoors and the indoors during your stay in Vermont.

Things to Do in Burlington VT

Spend time on Church Street

Colorful view of Church Street in Burlington VT
Church Street Burlington Vermont

You can’t visit Burlington, Vermont, without hearing about Church Street. This well-known thoroughfare is a bricked, pedestrian-only walkway that stretches from the church at the top of Church St. and down for half a dozen blocks.

It’s the center of downtown Burlington, with numerous streets branching off of it filled with cafes, bookstores, shops, and more. This is where to go if you’re looking for the best Burlington VT shopping, especially if you’re looking to shop locally. From top to bottom, Church Street boasts eclectic boutiques and stores of all kinds. The 4 blocks between Main St and Pearl St comprise the Church Streer Marketplace.

When you’re not shopping, this is a perfect spot for people watching. In fact, you might catch a glimpse now and then of beloved local (and national meme sensation) Bernie Sanders! It’s crowded nearly every day with locals, visitors, and street entertainers. Pause on a bench for a few moments to listen to a local busker playing their tunes. Watch as a bevy of college students strolls by. And keep your eyes out for the quirkier characters you’re likely to come across, too. Burlington is a very funky city.

Church Street is also home to some of the best Burlington VT restaurants. In the summertime, these establishments spill out into the streets, setting up beautiful outdoor spaces for customers to enjoy. Dining al fresco is a pleasure on Church Street and you have dozens of places to choose from for your meal. Is it breakfast time? Consider one of these fantastic Burlington brunch spots.

Traveling with a dog? Burlington is very dog friendly, so your canine friend can dine with you when you sit on the patio in many spots. Just a part of that Burlington VT charm!

Walk along the Lake Champlain Waterfront

One of the most stunning tourist attractions Burlington VT has is the lake itself. Burlington is perched on a hill overlooking Lake Champlain. When you drive in from the east into downtown (which you will if coming from the direction of the airport) you will suddenly see the city of Burlington with the glistening expanse of the lake behind it. It’s a spectacular sight and one that never fails to make me smile.

There are many activities to check out on, in, and near Burlington’s Lake Champlain, but the easiest way to access it and take in its views is along the waterfront.

The Burlington Waterfront Park is situated at the bottom of College Street and stretching up to the north past Pearl Street. It’s pretty easy walking distance from Church St. and the main portions of downtown.

I love the waterfront just for walking, relaxing on the grass, or sitting in one of their many bench swings. The boardwalk runs along the lake’s edge and the views here are absolutely gorgeous, with the lake in front of you and the Adirondack mountains framing it from behind. Catch a Vermont sunset here, I promise it will be worth it.

Get out on the water

Don’t just look at the lake, get out on it! There are many ways to make the most of Lake Champlain. Taking a sailboat excursion might be my #1 choice. You can hop onboard a schooner and set sail on the lake with an accomplished crew. Choose a private sunset cruise if you’re looking for romantic things to do in Burlington, VT!

Would you prefer a bigger boat? No problem. There are ferries and scenic cruises of Lake Champlain that depart directly from the Burlington waterfront. One of the most well-known vessels is the Spirit of Ethan Allen, offering daily cruises as well as special cruise events.

A boat sailing at daybreak on Lake Champlain in Burlington Vermont
Burlington Vermont Lake Champlain

When it comes to swimming in Lake Champlain, the waterfront is not the spot for this. For those wanting to take a dip in the cool lake waters, head to one of the nearby beaches. These are in driving distance from downtown, or can be accessed via the Burlington Bike Path that stretches along the shoreline.

Recommended Burlington beaches include North Beach, Leddy Beach, and beaches in Oakledge Park. North Beach is the largest in the area. It has seasonal lifeguards as well as paddleboard and kayak rentals. Definitely a fun place to spend a day in Burlington VT.

You can enjoy the water from many points along the lake besides the beaches. 

Check out windsurf and paddleboard rentals from WND & WVS, and there are lots of awesome waterfront Lake Champlain vacation rentals to stay in if you want to stay right on the water!

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Go brewery hopping

One of the absolute best Burlington Vermont things to do is to sample our local craft brews. This is a city that LOVES beer! There are many breweries in the city and beer fans will want to try them all. You can even  sign up for a guided Burlington VT craft brewery tour.

You can read our post on our favorite Burlington, Vermont breweries for more detailed ideas: 15 Best Burlington VT Breweries & Bars

Explore the artsy South End

A placard reading \
There’s always something fun happening in South End!

When in Burlington, don’t limit your visit to Church Street and downtown. There are several other cool parts of town that are worth your time. One of the most compelling is the South End.

Once a bland industrial stretch of the city, the South End is now an art-filled hub of restaurants, thriving businesses, and more. There are several breweries down here (including the much-loved Citizen Cider for hard cider) and a number of art galleries. Check out this site for up-to-date listings of where to find open galleries, art events, and more in South End Burlington VT.

As with any eccentric part of a city, there are also some oddities in the South End. Look for the world’s tallest file cabinet and the Burlington earth clock.

I also highly suggest making time to visit ArtsRiot. This renovated warehouse is a lively music venue and restaurant. In the summer months, they host Truck Stop, which is a gathering of local food trucks featuring live music and more. Super fun thing to do in Burlington.

Explore history at the Shelburne Museum

The Shelburne Museum combines history, art, and more across sprawling, beautiful grounds. It’s definitely worth a visit, especially if you’re looking for things to do in Burlington with kids.

The 1906 steamship Ticonderoga is on display here, and touring it is a fascinating look into life in the 1920’s, when the ship toured passengers around Lake Champlain in style. The Ticonderoga is a National Historic Landmark and is the last walking beam side-wheel passenger steamer in existence.

Pro tip: While visiting Shelburne, you can make a stop to tour the Vermont Teddy Bear factory or grab a farm tour at Shelburne Farms.

Snap a selfie with the World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet

File this one (he he) under one of the more unique and quirky things to do in Burlington! Made up of 38 drawers stacked on top of each other, it’s a little unclear if this is actually the World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet, but it’s definitely a unique Burlington thing to do if you’re into obscure public art pieces!

Cycle, walk, or blade along the Burlington Bike Path

One of my favorite things to do around Burlington, VT is to spend time along the bike path. The bike path is situated directly next to Lake Champlain and runs for 7.6 miles along its edge.

On any given day, you’ll see many Vermonters and visitors alike enjoying this gorgeous path. You can pick up the path right at the Burlington waterfront, or further south at Oakledge Park, where it begins.

Fans of cycling may want to venture even further on the Island Line Trail, which combines the Burlington Bike Path with several additional miles of trail, literally bringing you out into the Champlain Islands in the center of the lake. It’s a breathtaking journey and a unique experience.

Need to rent bikes? Local Motion has a rental office right along the bike path at the waterfront, and they also offer a one-of-a-kind bike ferry that can bring you and your wheels from the Island Line Trail onto South Hero Island.

Enjoy a few scoops of Vermont’s Finest – Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream!

You’ve probably had Ben & Jerry’s before, but have you had it in the place where it originated? Ben & Jerry’s is the most delicious ice cream, and they have a shop offering scoops, shakes, and much more right on Church Street. The shop is super cute and colorful and (bonus) it smells incredible.

Once you’ve got your Half Baked or your Cherry Garcia, head down to the corner of College Street and St. Paul Street and see where the OG Ben & Jerry’s was located. It’s now a gravel parking lot, but there’s a plaque showcasing where Ben & Jerry’s got their start in the 1970’s.

If you’re a real ice cream fan, you might consider a day trip to Waterbury, where the official Ben & Jerry’s factory is located. Take a factory tour, enjoy a free scoop of your favorite flavor, and pay your respects at the flavor graveyard, where failed creations find eternal rest.

Attend a show at the Vermont Comedy Club

You’re sure to be in for some laughs at the Vermont Comedy Club, a relatively new venue that hosts some amazing big-name acts.

If you’re not keen on comedy, check out the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, just down the street, which offers a variety of entertainment from touring theatre productions to symphonies.

Explore nearby hiking trails

A green field of grass with mountains in the distance in Burlington Vermont
Beautiful Burlington Vermont

Burlington is blessed by its proximity to the mountains. (Seriously, a town nestled between mountains and a giant lake? What’s not to love?) So avid hikers will adore this area.

If you want to go hiking near Burlington, VT, you have a range of options, as there are many awesome hikes in Vermont.

For a quick hike with a rewarding view of the lake, consider Mt. Philo. This hike is located in Charlotte, VT, a 30-minute drive south of Burlington. The trail up Mt. Philo is rated as easy-moderate, and is a 1.9 mi loop.

Camel’s Hump is one of the most popular and best hikes near Burlington, especially for the experienced hiker. Tackling this iconic Vermont peak is a fairly lengthy endeavor. The Burrows Trail route to the summit is 5 miles in length and is expected to take between 3-5 hours to hike round trip. Still, you’ll find amazing views at the end of this awesome accomplishment. Get more information on this trail here.

The area around Stowe, Vermont is also tremendous for hiking trails. While Stowe is a considerable distance away (45 minutes-1 hour) it is 100% worth a visit if you have time during your trip to Vermont. Stowe is classic New England, with a white-steepled church, magical mountain views, and a quaint Main Street.

And of course, great hiking. Trails to consider include Sterling Pond, Mount Mansfield, and Stowe Pinnacle.

Experience a night out in Downtown Burlington

Downtown Burlington has some pretty great nightlife. While this is no Miami, there are a number of fun bars and pubs that offer a low-key, Vermont vibe. We’re pretty sure you’ll find something you enjoy.

The Three Needs is a hip, rustic bar with plenty of seating, pool tables, and good beers on tap. Drink is a smaller venue that offers cocktails and board games. The Gryphon is a classy joint and has delicious food on top of its solid cocktail options. During weeknights they often have drink specials.

Want to grab some live music? Nectar’s always has something playing, or you can grab an Uber to Higher Ground in South Burlington, where most major musical acts play when they come to town. For dancing to the wee hours, check out Metronome, a nightclub above Nectar’s, as well as the Half Lounge, a tiny, speakeasy-like place right off Church Street.

The Whiskey Room, attached to the Irish pub Ri Ra is a nice surprise in Burlington. This austere whiskey lounge feels like it fell right out of Britain.

After your night out, you’ll be pleased to discover a number of food trucks lining Church Street. Nathan and I recommend without reservation the Philly cheesesteak cart. These are THE BEST Philly cheese steaks we’ve ever had, and when we’re away from Vermont, we honestly crave them.

Eat a Vermont creemee & other local Vermont specialties

Vermont is all about the food. Cheese, chocolate, ice cream, maple….. You are going to want to try all of the local VT specialties while you’re here. Not to mention the vast number of farm-to-table restaurants. You’ll be eating local here and you’ll be eating delicious.

In Burlington, The Skinny Pancake is a great restaurant worth visiting. They are famous for their sweet and savory crepes (aka ‘skinny pancakes’), and have a serious emphasis on sourcing locally.

Lake Champlain Chocolates on Church Street is also calling your name. Amazing chocolate made right here in VT? Say no more.

The Vermont creemee will be a staple of your visit, especially if visiting Vermont in the summer. Creemee is just our cute name for soft serve ice cream. Maple creemees are to die for. They sell some right at the waterfront, by the way. Go get ’em!

Closeup of a hand holding a pink swirl ice cream cone in Burlington Vermont
Is getting a creemee a summer must do in Burlington VT? We think so!

Our famous Cabot cheddar is easy to find in nearly every Burlington restaurant or shop. But you can patronize an entire Cabot cheese shop up in Waterbury if you’re super into le fromage.

While poutine isn’t a traditional Vermont food (it’s French Canadian), you can get it here in many places. Poutine consists of french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. It might sound odd at first, but it is insanely delicious. For the best poutine in Burlington, I recommend Citizen Cider in the South End, and Leunig’s on Church Street, which has a delectable duck confit poutine.

And of course, we always recommend trying out the local coffee shops. Burlington has an abundance of great ones. We profiled our favorites in this post: 7 Coziest, Best Burlington Vermont Coffee Shops

Catch a sunset over Lake Champlain

Every evening, the sun goes down in the west, and from Burlington, the views over Lake Champlain and the distant Adirondacks are phenomenal.

Make it a priority to catch at least one lakeside sunset during your visit to Burlington. A cloudy evening is usually best, providing plenty of dimension for the dusky sky.

Now let’s talk seasonal. While there are an endless number of fun things to do in Burlington, VT year-round, certain activities lend themselves better to certain seasons. Burlington is fabulous throughout the year. Depending on when you’re visiting, here are some special recommendations for must-do activities in Burlington, VT.

Are you looking for more free and cheap things to do in Burlington? We’ve got a whole post about the best free things to do in Burlington here.

Things to Do in Burlington VT in Winter

Catch the Penguin Plunge

A Burlington VT winter is a cold one. Are you amazed to discover that some people jump into the frigid waters of Lake Champlain every year? The Penguin Plunge is an event designed to raise money for Special Olympics Vermont. It’s definitely something to catch if you’re around for a Burlington Vermont winter.

Go skiing in the Green Mountains

Vermont doesn’t slow down in the winter; in fact, we’re busier than ever! Winter sports abound throughout the state. We’re definitely known for our skiing and snowboarding. From Burlington, there are many mountain options available to you. Bolton Valley is one of the closest, but Stowe and Smuggler’s Notch are popular spots a bit further afield; ski resorts are always at the top of the list of Burlington VT winter activities.

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Go holiday shopping on Church Street

Church Street looks especially beautiful during Christmastime. The city puts up tons of twinkling lights along the walkway, and it illuminates the space with joy. It makes holiday shopping extra fun, particularly when the snow begins to fall. Visiting after the holidays? Don’t worry; the lights stay up all winter long.

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Things to Do in Burlington VT in Summer

Summer is my personal favorite time of year in Vermont. It is SO. GREEN.  June is usually a spectacular month with perfect weather, but July and August offer traditional summer heat. What will you do in the summer in Burlington? Here are some ideas:

Try stand up paddleboarding on the lake

With its fairly calm waters, Lake Champlain is a perfect place to try stand up paddleboarding. Several different businesses offer paddleboard rentals or lessons. WND&WVS has a range of opportunities for guided tours and lessons at reasonable prices. Check them out for some Burlington Vermont summer fun at the lake!

Enjoy a picnic on the waterfront

Head down to Oakledge Park or another waterfront spot and bring snacks. We love a lakeside picnic, especially during the gorgeous summer months. If you want to keep it local and Vermonty, do your shopping downtown at the City Market Co-op. This grocery store has a great selection of cheese, produce, wine, beer, and so much more, with lots of locally-sourced and locally-made items.

Add this to the list of romantic things to do in Burlington VT, for sure.

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Grab local produce at the Farmer’s Market

It’s always so exciting when the Burlington Farmer’s Market starts up again each summer.

A Vermont farmer’s market is a must-do when it comes to Burlington VT activities. This is a big market with produce, flowers, baked goods, crafts, art, hot food, and coffee. Best of all, it’s dog-friendly, and everyone brings their adorable pups to the market with them. For me, that’s a major draw!

Things to Do in Burlington VT in Spring

Spring can be an underrated time in Burlington. Unfortunately, it can still be a bit chilly or even rainy, but if you plan ahead, you can have a lovely stay and avoid the crowds of the high season, which is always a nice bonus. (PS check out all the great places to enjoy spring in New England!)

Sample some fresh maple syrup

Spring is when the maple sap starts to “run” which means sugar shacks start heating up and producing our famous Vermont maple syrup. If you’re looking for things to do in Burlington VT in March, you can try fresh syrup and a Vermont specialty: sugar on snow (a chewy maple candy created by pouring hot syrup onto a chilly packed snowbank). In March and April, you might catch one of New England’s maple festivals in action as well.

Visit Shelburne Farms

Enjoy the nature of springtime to its fullest by visiting a working farm. Take a wagon tour of Shelburne Farms and interact with the animals in the Children’s Farmyard. You might even see some baby animals at this time of year; definitely one of the top things to do in Burlington VT with kids.

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Take a guided food tour

Did I mention how great our Vermont foods are? To get a serious cuisine experience, I recommend taking a guided food tour of Burlington. The Edible History walking tour is one of the most well-known and popular options, which connects you with Burlington’s early ethnic groups and their culinary history.

A sign outside of a store on Church St in Burlington VT
Consider taking one of the guided Burlington VT tours available to get the inside scoop of all the best spots to visit during your trip.

Things to Do in Burlington VT in the Fall

Oh, Burlington Vermont in the fall. It’s one of the best times of the year and our foliage is out of this world. We recommend all of the main things to do in Burlington Vermont that we’ve listed above, plus all the special fall activities and festivals.

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Go apple picking

Apple picking is a blast and definitely one of the top things to do in Vermont in the fall. Bring home a basket of fresh Vermont apples that you can use to make a pie, jam, or your favorite apple-based item. Take a look at our list of Vermont apple orchards to see where you can go apple picking near Burlington. Be sure to try a cider donut! This is a good one to add to the list of Burlington Vermont family activities, too.

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Get cozy (and fed) inside American Flatbread

There are lots of yummy places to eat in Burlington VT, but for a cozy fall meal, you can’t go wrong with American Flatbread. This is a cozy pizza restaurant with wood-fired flatbread that is absolutely delicious. Sit near the fire if you want to keep warm. Or, keep cool with one of their amazing beers.

Attend the South End Art Hop

Every September the South End is home to the Art Hop, a huge open-gallery event that attracts nearly 30,000 visitors each year and is one of the top Burlington VT events. Visit artists in their studios, attend live demos, fashion shows, and so much more during this annual multi-day event.

A large hummingbird painted on a red brick building in Burlington Vermont
Just the city of Burlington VT being as cool as it can be.

Best Places to Stay in Burlington

As you plan on where to stay in Burlington VT you’ll want to consider choosing the best location. We’ve got a quick rundown below, but there are also more options in our full article: Where to Stay in Burlington, VT

Getting around Burlington, Vermont is fairly simple. The downtown is largely walkable, and there are a number of hotels to choose from in the downtown area. If you choose to be further from downtown, you may need to have a car at your disposal or call for an Uber or Lyft.

All of the Burlington VT lodging we recommend is within walking distance (or very short Uber ride) to downtown.

You can also check out some of the top vacation rentals in Burlington Vermont, too: Best Airbnbs in Burlington VT to Book ASAP

Made INN Vermont B&B

Do you love unique, hip accommodation? You will love Made Inn Vermont, an urban chic Burlington bed & breakfast with 4 distinct rooms.

These Burlington VT accommodations are cozy, homey, and beautifully designed. It’s like a boutique hotel in a massive Victorian mansion.

One of the best parts of staying here may be its location. While it’s not right in the heart of downtown, it’s just a short walk away. Located up on South Willard Street, in the Hills section of Burlington, Made INN Vermont is tucked on a historic street next to other impressive homes. This is a quiet spot just up the hill from downtown, so you get the experience of being in a local neighborhood while remaining within convenient reach of all of the major Burlington VT attractions.

Hotel Vermont

Would you prefer to be in the heart of things? Hotel Vermont is a clean, centrally-located independent hotel that is very popular with visitors. You’ll be staying super close to both Church Street and Lake Champlain at this property, and you’ve got an onsite restaurant, a swimming pool, and free use of bicycles.

Hilton Garden Inn Burlington Downtown

One of the best hotels in Burlington, VT for a great value is the Hilton Garden Inn. This hotel may have the best location so far. It’s just a hop, skip, and jump from Church Street, and very close to City Hall Park, American Flatbread, and one of our favorite coffee shops, Onyx Tonics. This is the ideal accommodation choice for a person who wants to go out in the evenings downtown.

While you’ll be slightly farther from the lake at this hotel, some rooms do offer partial lake views. And either way, you’ll be in a comfortable, well-appointed guest room.

Hopefully one of these options gives you an idea for the best Burlington hotels and vacation rentals!

Is Burlington Vermont worth visiting? That’s a BIG yes from us! We hope we’ve given you enough ideas for what to do in Burlington, Vermont to plan your next trip. Discovered something new? Tell us about it!

You might also want to check out the Burlington/Vermont activities listed on our New England bucket list.

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