45 New England Gifts: Local Items You’ll Love (2024)

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Are you looking for a treasure? These unique New England gifts are perfect for anyone who loves New England, misses New England, or is obsessed with New England. (This person might even be you! I support self-gift giving 100%.)

I’ve always loved shopping in New England. From small boutiques to classic general stores, I find something I love wherever I go in New England. And this region has such a dedication to shopping and supporting local.

Instead of buying from a big box store, why not consider supporting a local New England business?

I recently asked my Instagram followers to share their favorite locally-made items. They came through with great suggestions, and between myself and these fellow New Englanders, I’ve curated a list of 45 gifts anyone would be thrilled to receive!

a glass bottle of maple syrup sits in the snow at sunset

The Best New England Gifts for All Your Family & Friends

1. Darn Tough Socks

Socks are no longer the lame gift they were in your childhood. In fact, they are one of the best New England gift ideas! Especially when they’re made with the durability, warmth, and comfort of this Vermont sock company!

Darn Tough Socks. What to know about this Vermont-based business? Well, it’s all in the name! This family-run business in Northfield, Vermont, has been creating high-quality merino socks for 40 years. The durability of these socks is so remarkable that the company offers a lifetime guarantee; if the socks ever wear out, you’ll get a replacement pair for free.

Not only are these socks practical, they are cute, too! There is a wide range of designs to choose from, including styles featuring nature and animals (which I love!) Christmas patterns are available too, which makes Darn Tough socks a top holiday gift from New England.

2. A cuddly, classic Vermont Teddy Bear

Vermont Teddy Bear has been selling stuffed friends since 1981. Today, they’re a well-known purveyor of classic, adorable bears, popular with both kids and adults. If you’re traveling through Burlington, you can visit the nearby Vermont Teddy Bear Factory and check out where they’re made.

These bears can really be an heirloom piece, as they are well-made and can be customized in many ways with outfits, accessories, etc. And there are more than just bears if you’re after a different member of the animal kingdom. Buying for a child? Or looking for a super cuddly friend? Consider the classic Super-Soft bear. 

3. Something cozy and practical from L.L.Bean

You can’t think of New England without thinking of L.L.Bean and especially their iconic boots. It was those boots that got the company started. Back in 1911, Leon Leonwood Bean invented the Maine Hunting Shoe after an outdoor excursion left his feet wet and uncomfortable. The rest is pretty much history. Their iconic boots are just one of the stellar products they’re well-known for. 

So what kind of L.L.Bean item makes the perfect New England gift? Really, you can’t go wrong here. Flannels, blankets, boots, and home decor would be my top choices. They even have great stuff for pets! 

For 2023, one super cool collaboration that has recently been introduced is the Noah Kahan Stick Season collection. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Vermont-born folk singer Noah Kahan who has skyrocketed to fame in the past year or so. He writes terrific music that constantly evokes New England, particularly his song Stick Season, so it’s no surprise L.L.Bean would partner up!

One of the items from the Stick Season collection would be a perfect gift for a family member who is a Noah Kahan fan!

4. Country Farm Candles

A New Hampshire-based mother and daughter team, Country Farm Candles is not just a local but a family business as well! They hand pour and package their soy candles, which include yummy scents and fun designs, like these teacup candles I saw on their Instagram!

Whatever option you select, you can feel confident knowing candles make for classic New England gifts.

5. Coffee by Design

Since 1994, Coffee by Design has been roasting, serving, and promoting the finest coffee in Portland, Maine. They have two coffee shops in Portland itself, but they also do a robust online business. If you like to know you’re drinking a well-made brew from a company that also does a TON for the community, be sure to check them out.

6. The Red Wagon

The Red Wagon is a children’s clothing shop based out of Boston. I follow them on Instagram and want to buy everything I see! Their iconic roll neck knit sweaters are especially adorable, often featuring New England elements like lobsters, sailboats, and more.

If you’re looking for unique gifts from Massachusetts, this might be perfect!

7. Something from Maine Souvenir Shop

If you’re in search of a souvenir or gift from New England, definitely check out the Maine Souvenir Shop. This shop, located in downtown Portland, exclusively stocks items designed and/or made in Maine. It’s an awesome place to support local artists and find some really cool things!

amy posing in an orange sweatshirt that says Portland, ME

On my last visit to Portland, I grabbed a soft, cozy sweatshirt I am in love with. (I’m even wearing it right now as I write this New England gift guide!) It’s got a cool Portland design on it and was designed by the shop owner!

If you can’t visit them in Portland, you can visit their website and find all the same unique gear.

8. Cedar Chest

Cedar Chest in Northampton, Massachusetts was recommended to me by one of my Instagram followers. This shop is, by its own definition, “both a small independent department store and a boutique of epic proportions.” Sounds pretty terrific!

Their website is filled with unique and eclectic items, both local products and larger brands. If you’re in downtown Northampton you can find Cedar Chest inside Thornes Marketplace.

9. Northshire Bookstore

Probably my favorite bookstore in all of New England, Northshire Bookstore is located in Manchester, VT. Northshire is a real gem for anyone who loves books. It’s been around since 1976 and is the kind of cozy, independent bookstore where you can easily lose track of time. Spread over two floors, it’s packed with all sorts of books, from the latest hits to some really unique finds, and it’s got a great section for kids too. The staff really know their stuff and are super helpful.

a hand holding scrabble tiles that spell out Vermont

While browsing in person is preferable, you can still shop local by getting your books from Northshire or another independent New England book shop. Not sure what to buy? Any one of these books set in New England would be terrific, but the item that takes the cake is a collection of Robert Frost poems: an essential for anyone who loves New England.

If you do get to go to Northsire, you’ll find it is filled to the brim with amazing New England themed gifts, especially Vermont gifts!

10. Absolute Bearing Coffee

Looking to support a Veteran-owned New England business? Absolute Bearing Coffee, based in Groton, Connecticut, is a great choice. This was another business recommended to me by an Instagram follower.

Owned by husband and wife team Jonathan and Lisa Lambert, the company roasts organic coffee they are proud of. Jonathan served for 20 years in the United States Navy, and understands how important a great cup of coffee is, particularly for those on rotation on a submarine. This was the guiding element behind the company and helped to develop their signature coffee blend Vulcan Death Watch. The company has since donated more than 50 pounds of coffee to deploying US navy submarines.

11. Support a New England artist

When you purchase a work of art from a local artist, it means the world. New England, with its creative spirit, is brimming with talented artists! I found Nicole de Santi on Instagram, and her pieces are so lovely. She offers commissions and originals at her online shop, but you can grab prints on Etsy, too, like this Christmas general store scene I can’t get enough of. *Adds to Cart*

12. Maine Sea Bags

Maine Sea Bags are a cool, eco-friendly find from Maine. These bags are all about giving old sails a new life! In their hands, used sails from boats are turned into these unique, durable bags. Each one is different, and they’re all made right there in Maine. There are all sorts of designs and sizes, so you can find one for just about anything – beach trips, grocery runs, you name it. Plus, it feels good to carry a bag that’s not only stylish but also helps reduce waste. If you’re into stuff that’s both practical and has a story, Maine Sea Bags are definitely worth a look.

13. A New England photo calendar

Chances are, if you’re here, you love New England scenery as much as I do! Why not admire some of the region’s prettiest scenes throughout the year?

Many New England-based photographers create their own photo wall calendars each year. For 2024, consider this stunning calendar by Jamie Malcolm-Brown. Each month is a big, beautiful New England seasonal image. I’m especially captivated by May!

14. A box of Lake Champlain Chocolates

Whatever the occasion, a box of deluxe chocolates is always welcome! Lake Champlain Chocolates produces gourmet chocolate that is incredibly delicious, and their packaging just takes it to the next level. Check their website for all the seasonal goodness and wide variety of chocolate products.

15. Beached Goods

Beached Goods is an apparel store that was founded in 2021 by Sadie Restivo, a North Shore native. Restivo built her brand during the pandemic, hoping to honor her grandparents and pay tribute to the warm feeling of family memories on the shore. This Danvers, Massachusetts-based shop sells not just apparel with coastal vibes, but towels, bags, and other gifts. I love their baby clothing, especially their onesie featuring Sammy Seagull! Adorable.

16. Real maple syrup (or any New England delicacy)

To be honest, when looking for the perfect gift from New England, maple syrup is nearly always my #1 choice. Why? Because it is delicious! Local Vermont-made maple syrup is like the nectar of the gods, and I haven’t met anyone who wasn’t excited to receive a small, leaf-shaped bottle of the amber goodness. 

You can get maple syrup anywhere in Vermont, and it’s available throughout New England as well. For those shopping online, it’s easy to find farm-fresh syrup available for shipping. One possible option is Woodstock’s Sugarbush Farm, which sells a combined Maple Syrup and Pancake kit. YUM.

2 maple leaf shaped bottles of maple syrup in a dish

Not into syrup? That’s okay. There are so many classic New England food gifts to consider, and many of them are shelf-stable items that can easily be stored or shipped. Consider jams, bread mixes, whoopie pies, blueberry baked goods, clam chowder kits, and so much more.

17. Farmhouse Pottery

Farmhouse Pottery is a beloved institution in Woodstock, Vermont. Founder James and the team are all about keeping things simple and authentic. The pottery is made using old-school techniques and local Vermont clay, which gives everything a really earthy, natural vibe. You’ll find all kinds of stuff there, from mugs and plates to handmade decorative pieces. You’ll love buying from here if you’re passionate about craftsmanship and sustainability. It’s not just about buying a piece of pottery; it’s about bringing a bit of that down-to-earth, Vermont charm into your home.

18. A hand-crafted glass treasure from Simon Pearce

There’s another great maker located in the Woodstock area. Simon Pearce makes gorgeous handcrafted glassware, and if you visit their store you can actually see the crafting process in action. But either way, consider giving one of these masterpieces as a gift. The stunning products range from bowls and serveware to home decor, lighting, and more.

19. The gift of an experience

If you’re looking for New England Christmas gifts, tickets to the Ice Castles in New Hampshire would be super cool!

I may be biased as a travel blogger, but a New England adventure would be an awesome gift! Who says a gift needs to be a physical item? There are countless museums, galleries, historic homes, and other places across New England where you could purchase a gift card or membership for another.

20. Crust Bakeshop

Give the gift of bread! (Or something else lovingly created and baked). Crust Bakeshop in Worcester, MA, is an artisinal bakery that opened in 2014, baking bread, pastries, and more.

Elsewhere in New England? Head to a local bakery near you. Outside of New England? Many bakeries ship nationwide, like this one in Maine.

21. Willough Designs

Stickers, hats, ornaments, bags. You will find Megan Karcher’s whimsical art on all these things. She is a Vermont-based artist who is colorful and enthusiastic, and it shows! Willough Designs, named for a beloved llama Willoughby, is a great source of fun pieces. As a New England gift, the stickers in particular could make great holiday stocking stuffers!

22. Andara

Andara is a curated clothing company that arose from a Newburyport boutique. You can shop their simple, understated pieces from various designers either online or in person on Water Street in Newburyport MA.

23. F.H. Gillingham & Sons

A two story historic brick building with the name F.H. Gillingham & Sons on the front.

When seeking that perfect New England souvenir item, a classic general store can be a perfect go-to. If you find yourself in the Woodstock area, Gillingham’s awaits you. This store has been there since 1886, and is still run by descendants of the original owners. While the 130-year old charm of the store remains, it is now 2023, and you CAN purchase items online, too. Ah, modernity. But traditionalists will appreciate the no-frills style of their website!

24. Lexi’s Tree Fort

Right from the start, the name Lexi’s Tree Fort evokes a sense of youthful fun. While this is not a fort-building business, as I originally suspected, it is a bag and accessory company. But it IS fun and youthful!

Owner Lexi Havlin produces unique, handmade small bags that are ideal for biking, climbing, and other active lifestyles. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation, making this a gift anyone will cherish!

25. Some luxurious lavender products from NH

There are several lavender farms throughout the region, making New England products for bath, body, and home. One great option is Laromay Lavender in New Hampshire. If you’re looking for something with a romantic, fresh scent that’s straight out of a New England summer, consider their candles, soaps, lotions, and more.

26. A jar of soothing, organic Badger Balm

Who among us could not benefit from an ultra-moisturizing hand cream or a sore muscle rub? If your gift recipient has hands, this is a great choice. Badger Balm is a family-run, New Hampshire-based company crafting products of excellence. There’s an endless array to choose from, but my pick is this Organic Sore Joint Rub, great for the active person in your life.

27. A sampling of local beer

Maybe you’re searching for a gift for a beer lover. Well, you’ve come to the right place a thousand times over. New England is heaven for craft beer fans and every state has its top brews. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a couple of best brewery lists you could take a look at: Burlington VT, Hartford CT, Portsmouth NH, Providence RI, but there are literally dozens of terrific breweries you could purchase from. Plus, if you’re looking for things you can only buy in New England, some of these beers would fit the bill, as many do not have national distribution.

28. Lobster tools & lobster themed goodies

a stuffed animal lobster laying under white sheets, his claw says Maine

When it comes to famous New England foods, what could be more famous than our lobster? While it’s probably not advisable (or sanitary) to attempt to gift live lobster, you can present the lobster lover in your life with lobster eating tools or lobster themed goodies.

Maine’s Stonewall Kitchen has several helpful lobster tools and lobster themed gifts, including a classic red lobster cracker, lobster pick, adorable lobster bib, lobster tea towels, lobster Christmas ornaments, and more!

29. Literally anything from Stonewall Kitchen 

Speaking of Stonewall Kitchen, that’s a phenomenal choice for anything related to Maine or New England culinary gifts. Perhaps most well-known for their jars of Wild Maine Blueberry Jam, Stonewall Kitchen produces a tremendous number of additional delicious items, plus adorable New England-themed decor and home goods. 

If you find yourself in southern Maine, you absolutelu have to stop off at the Stonewall Kitchen store in York. It’s one of my favorite places to browse. You won’t leave empty handed!

30. A fine, handmade Peterboro Basket

New England home decor is traditionally classic and beautiful. A stunning handmade basket is the ideal addition to a home, especially one exuding Yankee charm. 

Peterboro Basket Company, in Peterborough, NH, is a New England institution, having been making baskets since 1854. In fact, Peterboro Basket Company is the oldest continuous manufacturer of baskets in the U.S.A.

Pro tip: Grab one of these baskets plus some of the other New England items on this list to put inside. Voila! You’ve got yourself a handmade New England gift basket!

31. The best smelling Yankee Candle

Nearly everyone knows of Yankee Candle: those incredible, almost-unbelievably delicious scented candles that make your space cozy and fragrant. You might not know that Yankee Candle is a Massachusetts born and bred product. While the candles reach far and wide today, they began in the house of 16-year-old Mike Kittredge in South Hadley, as he spontaneously made his mom a candle for a birthday gift.

If you want to give a friend the unmistakable scent of New England, a Yankee Candle is a great choice. The perfect flavor? New England Maple.

32. A scrumptious Taste of New England basket

What if you could give someone a full, classic New England meal in a basket? Well, you can with one of these incredible Taste of New England baskets from Pemberton Farms. Sweet, savory and everything in between, this is a New England gift that can please even the pickiest recipient!

33. The Black Dog

One of my favorite gifts from New England to buy is clothing from The Black Dog. This store has a few locations in iconic New England towns, and whenever I come across one, I have to buy something. Recently, I bought my son a toddler-sized zip-up hoodie, featuring their classic black dog logo. I love it!

34. A handmade nautical bracelet from Mystic Knotwork

Bring home a piece of the seaside with this gift. Mystic Knotwork, located in Mystic, Connecticut, is the place for handcrafted nautical bracelets that represent a tradition of 60 years. These woven sailor bracelets are durable and expertly-made. They represent a great piece of New England history, and so make an amazing gift for the New England-lover in your life. 

35. A pair of Maine-made mittens

Keep their hands warm this winter with some well-made mittens. Using recycled sweaters, Jack and Mary Designs repurposes fabrics into mittens and other fresh accessories. They can even create custom Memory Mittens using your own sweater. What an incredible way to commemorate a loved one! 

Thanks to my friend Naomi for mentioning these. She’s got other great suggestions on her list of Maine gift ideas.

36. Some soft, iconic flannel

The unofficial uniform of New England: a cozy, well-worn flannel that smells like campfires and autumn evenings. Flannel is a perfect gift for anyone, and the top notch products from a company like The Vermont Flannel. Co, make for ideal New England souvenirs.

37. Local flowers or greenery

Handcrafted Christmas Wreath being held by woman in white sweater

Some of the best New England gifts are things that come straight from the earth. I’m talking about flowers and plants.

If you’re local to the region, these will be easier to get, of course, but even on a visit you can make a stop to one of New England’s many flower farms. Or, if it’s the holiday season, pop over to one of these amazing New England Christmas tree farms, where you can buy glorious wreaths and greenery.

38. A gift card to the Vermont Country Store

Literally everything in the Vermont Country Store would make a magnificent New England gift. But if you’re worried about selecting the ideal present, let your recipient choose their own adventure with a gift card. They’ll have so many options, and they can shop in person or online.

39. A New England spa getaway

Okay, this is a New England gift for someone you love very, VERY much! Pamper your loved one by sending them on any one of these New England spa getaways, and they’ll come back refreshed, rejuvenated, and ever so grateful to you for this delightful gift. Maybe you could even go with!

40. A Boston Cannoli Kit from Mike’s Pastry

There are several places in Boston that offer top notch cannoli, but Mike’s Pastry is the OG! This Boston Cannoli kit from Mike’s ships nationwide and sends everything a person needs to make 10 of their iconic cannoli. This is a wicked good gift for the New England lover in your life!

41. Sticks and Bones

This is a unique boutique with a mission. Selling items with spooky and witchy vibes, Sticks and Bones donates a portion of their profits to domestic violence organization in Connecticut and New York. This is such an amazing mission, spearheaded by founder Kayla.

42. Kiel James Patrick clothing

You have likely seen the epic images and videos Kiel James Patrick, known on Instagram as KJP creates. They are classic, glorious New England, sometimes even a bit over the top, but always festive and fun. They make you want to hop on a plane and head straight to New England.

Well, he and his family don’t just create inspirational content, they also have their own shop selling all things New England. It’s that same vibe: timeless and cozy, and their items, designed in Rhode Island, showcase that. There are lots of cool items you could consider purchasing, but my favorite are their sweaters and socks which have the dreamiest patterns!

Buy online or visit their store on Bowen’s Wharf in Newport!

43. Bar Hill Gin

I’m surprised it took me this long to mention spirits on this list of made in New England gifts! There are heaps of fantastic distilleries and makers around the region, so you may wish to search based on what alcohol your recipient prefers, but a solid go-to option is Bar Hill Gin.

Bar Hill Gin is Landcrafted® in the heart of Vermont. Built from a collaboration between a beekeeper and distiller, Bar Hill Gin has grown from a small enterprise in 2011 to what it is today, a well-known distillery crafting award-winning gin. They offer gin, vodka, and other products, much of which is made with their beloved honey.

44. New England Interiors

I also want to give a shout out to other New England content creators! If you love New England style home decor, you have to follow New England Interiors. Owner Aubrey Craig curates gorgeous collections for your home and northeast lifestyle and tells you where to buy them! This is a great one-stop shop for creating a classic, cozy home.

45. Stay at a locally-owned cabin

It’s no secret that there are dozens of amazing places to stay in New England. But since this article is focused on keeping it local, I want to highlight properties where you can support a local owner with your stay!

Bent Apple Farm is a great example of this. Owner Ben Sargent has built an array of treehouses, cabins, and more on this property in Southern Vermont. There clearly has been so much love poured into each of these dwellings; you will wish you could stay forever.

Why not surprise your significant other with a romantic getaway in one of these cabins? You’ll probably win gift giver of the year award.

I’ve got more lists, too, of the sweetest cabins throughout New England, and many are locally-owned and run:

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