25 Must-Read Books Set in New England

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I’ve always been a reader, a lover of books. When I visit someplace new, I like to seek out books about that area or–better yet—set in the region or city. For me, nothing brings a place more to life than such a book. Most of the time, the books I read about a place are fiction, although occasionally a story-drive nonfiction will also do. It’s all about the atmosphere.

If you’re planning a trip to New England, or if you’d just like to travel there through the power of books, I’ve got you. This list of 25 books set in New England will transport you. The selections range from dark mysteries and nature-driven poetry to seafaring voyages and modern dramas. I’ve read the vast majority of the books on this list, and I promise, they are great. 

Ready to add to your to-be-read list? Get your pen ready. 

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