10 of the Most Romantic Things to Do in Rhode Island

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Looking for the most romantic things to do in Rhode Island? There are many lovely things to do as a couple, whether you’re on a romantic getaway or just making every day a romantic Rhode Island vacation.

I’ve spent the past four years in Rhode Island with the love of my life and we always manage to find something romantic to do. There are quite a few RI couples activities to choose from (depending on personal taste and preference), but these are some of my favorite romantic Rhode Island things to do that we’ve done! 

The Ocean State is beautiful, with lighthouses, beaches, and charming towns to visit, so it’s not hard to find romantic things to do in RI! While there are more Rhode Island couples experiences to be had, and I highly recommend you search around, I think you’ll find a few you’ll love. So, what’s first?

Romantic Things to do in Rhode Island

Attend WaterFire

The WaterFire is a staple of RI and a jam-packed community of great food and wonderful people. Located in the state’s capital Providence, the WaterFire takes place multiple times throughout the year, making it easy to schedule it in if you’re visiting. They do have different kinds of events that celebrate, so make sure you come during a “Full Lighting” to get the most out of it. 

The WaterFire may be a celebration of a certain event, or sometimes to simply bring the community together. Regardless, it’s a wonderful choice for a romantic evening that will undoubtedly be memorable, with many options for great places to stay in PVD!

Take in a show at Providence Performing Arts Center

Providence Performing Arts Center, often referred to as PPAC, is one of the most gorgeous theaters in New England, and makes a great place to go for a Rhode Island date night! You’ll find a wide variety of shows and events onstage throughout the year, so keep an eye on their events calendar to find something that will be perfect for your next Providence date night.

Go for a stroll along the Cliffwalk, Newport RI

Lighthouse near a rocky landscape by the water with the sun setting during a romantic Rhode Island date
Romantic Rhode Island sights abound in Newport!

The Newport Cliffwalk is a scenic, very romantic RI stroll. This is one of my favorite romantic Rhode Island things to do, as it was the “first date” in New England for me and Linn, so I have very fond memories of it. The walk itself is roughly 3.5 miles long, but you don’t have to walk the whole thing to take in the ocean views.

If you’re like us and enjoy stopping for a snack or just to take in the view, then I would bring some small snacks and water. If you don’t want to carry all of that around, there are nearby restaurants and eateries in the area. 

If you’re wary of “Cliff” being in the name, don’t stress. The Cliffwalk has some high points, but all dangerous areas have a gate or are in some way contained. It’s perfectly safe to walk, and there are plenty of picturesque opportunities!

Newport Mansion Tour

This is put after the Cliffwalk as they are right next to each other and can be done in the same day. The mansions offer a look into the history of Newport and the people who lived and worked there. While you can tour the outsides and appreciate the intricate architecture, there are also mansion tours offered to see the splendorous interiors!

I would recommend looking through a few of the mansions online to see which ones you might want to see since there are quite a few to choose from. All make for interesting Rhode Island date ideas and I’m certain you’ll both enjoy them, no matter which you choose. 

Wine Tasting!

Man and woman sitting indoors with their foreheads touching. The woman has her arm on the man's back on a romantic Rhode Island date night.
Romantic Rhode Island date nights don’t have to be complicated!

A relaxing evening with a few glasses of wine is one way to stir the romantic pot. Personally, we love enjoying a few glasses every now and then, so a night out to try some new wines is a perfect Rhode Island couples activity for people like us.

Concerning Rhode Island, there are two places that should be considered for wine tasting, the Leyden Farm and the Newport Vineyards. The Leyden farm offer some more affordable wine tastings but may be a drive for some.

Newport Vineyards will cost a little more, but will fit with some of the other suggestions based on how close they are! Both offer great tastings of good wine, so the decision is up to you!

Paint Night

There are a few places that offer paint nights in Rhode Island, but we chose the Wine & Paint Night (no surprise there). The specific one we found was the Paint & Vino, the hosts were fun and very easy going. The paintings were also simple to follow along with any question being quickly answered. 

If you decide to do the same one, please make sure you have a designated driver if you’re like me and get carried away sometimes. A romantic evening is the goal, but safety should also be a priority. 

Exploring Block Island

Block Island is a common romantic Rhode Island destination, as a place of relaxation and adventure! While the off season is in the winter months, there are still things to do and plenty to see. 

Do your own research of course, but as a personal suggestion, the tours around Block Island will make for a fun date and you both will learn a lot about the island!

Red brick building with a brick lighthouse attached under a blue sky in a romantic Rhode Island town on Block Island
Block Island is a common romantic RI vacation destination.

Tree House Tavern

Maybe you’re not looking for an adventure and just want a calming, romantic restaurant in RI. Tree House Tavern has delicious food and a magical atmosphere, it’s no surprise that it has gained such a reputation locally. 

The outside is covered in bright lighting and scatted strings of lights wrapped around almost everything. Inside is a similar setting, the walls are full of decorations and interesting crafts, making it a cozy place to eat and one of the best romantic restaurants in Rhode Island.

Take a Lighthouse and Mimosa Cruise

Rhode Island has some lovely lighthouses, and what better way to see them than to head out to sea? This Lighthouse and Mimosa Cruise lets you sit back and enjoy scenic Newport Harbor and Bay while you sip mimosas with your sweetie.

You’ll see the Newport Harbor Mansions, the Jamestown shoreline, historic church steeples, and of course, 4 of Rhode Island’s lighthouses during this narrated 75 minute tour.

Stay in a romantic Rhode Island hotel

There are so many fantastic options for romantic getaways in Rhode Island, so you’ll have no problems finding great places to stay that really cater to couples in search of romance. If you’re in Providence, consider booking a room at the elegant Edgewood Manor Hotel Bed & Breakfast, where you can spend your day having fun in PVD, then retire back to this upscale B&B and feel like you’re worlds away.

If you’re in Newport, consider a stay at the gorgeous Castle Hill Inn. Not only will you have gorgeous views of the water, but with the onsite restaurants, boutique spa, and amenity filled rooms (some even have fireplaces!), you might just decide you never even want to leave the grounds.


Rhode Island has romantic things to do and fun things to see aplenty, it just depends on what you’re into. If you want to compile a few of these RI romantic ideas into a weekend trip, Newport is probably the best place to be. It has a few of the ideas on the list all located in one area and plenty of great options for places to eat. There’s also plenty more in Newport than we put on this list, so maybe you’ll find something even we haven’t!

This article originally appeared on Two Drifters as a guest post by Casey of Viraflare.

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