13 Terrific Restaurants in Bennington VT

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Nestled in the Green Mountains, Bennington is genuinely one of Vermont’s best-kept hidden gems. Visiting there means having an authentic, small-town experience, and you can even indulge yourself at one of the best restaurants in Bennington VT.

From tasty hibachi grills to the best calzones you’ll ever have in your life, Bennington is filled with amazing places to eat. Plus, Vermont focuses on supporting small businesses, so all of the restaurants on this list are run by locals.

Below, learn all about the mouth-watering restaurants in Bennington VT!

Fuji Hibachi

2 hands showing someone using spatulas to cook fried potatoes on a griddle, while some other food is chopped up next to it.

First up is Fuji Hibachi, a restaurant that just came to Bennington about five years ago. It quickly became one of the most popular places to eat not only because the food is good, but because you can book a family table at the hibachi station!

A professional chef puts on a whole show at the hibachi while he cooks your food right in front of you. Have fun with your family while the chef throws cooked veggies at your face for you to try to catch in your mouth, and then enjoy your meal after.

With great sushi, fried rice, and noodle dishes, you can’t go wrong at Fuji Hibachi. 

Pro tip: make sure to order from the section on their menu that says explicitly “from the hibachi” if you’ll be sitting at the hibachi table. Otherwise, they’ll make your food in the kitchen and bring it out to you!

The Avocado Pit

A left hand holding a burrito that someone took a big bite out of and the burrito is wrapped in aluminum foil. Green/yellow trees in the background.

The Avocado Pit is a more recent addition that quickly has become of the top restaurants in Bennington VT. In fact, it’s the only place in town to get a burrito or taco that isn’t fast food so you can support a local business. It honestly tastes like Chipotle but better.

This restaurant has ample outdoor seating and is open for both lunch and dinner. They serve salads, tacos, burritos, and more. Throughout the week, they often have different types of meats that they cycle through too. Their spicy kickin chicken is the best.

With affordable prices (you can literally get your whole meal for under $10), this is an excellent place to stop for lunch or dinner in Bennington.

The Tap House

Three goblets filled with beer sitting on a table.

Located at Catamount Glass, The Tap House is an excellent place to eat in this small town. There’s tons of outdoor seating because they turn the majority of their parking lot into table space when it’s warmer outside. There is also ample indoor seating if you prefer that.

The menu boasts tons of craft beers, wines, and tasty ciders. Plus, the food is amazing too, especially their macaroni and cheese, which will have you begging for more. The Tap House is a pretty popular spot to eat, so just know that if you visit at dinner time, you may have to wait for a table.

Lucky Dragon

5 containers of Chinese takeout food; chicken, broccoli and beef, rice, lo mein and beef with carrots and noodles.

If Chinese food is what you’re craving, then you’ll have to head to Lucky Dragon on Main Street. Over the years, this establishment has become a Bennington staple. They serve traditional Chinese food takeout entrees and are very affordable.

While they have great seating inside, most people will opt to order carryout and bring it home because the food is excellent for serving larger groups. Even if you are a picky eater, you’ll be happy because the menu is extensive.


2 hands with forks depicting 2 people sharing a plate of spaghetti.

Did someone say Italian? Allegro is a fantastic restaurant that will make you feel like you’re right in Italy. The highlight of their menu is the Italian meals that they make using locally sourced ingredients; it is Vermont, after all!

Wash it all down with a great wine from their menu. If you don’t know what to pair with your meal, feel free to ask; the staff at Allegro is always so kind.

Allegro is another one of the best restaurants in Bennington VT, located right on Main Street. The food is mid-range priced, and the atmosphere is very cozy and casual, making it perfect for a romantic night out.

Elm Street Market

A sandwich roll with lettuce, tomato, cheese and other foods.

The best sandwiches in all of Bennington can be found at none other than Elm Street Market. This tiny establishment looks humble from the outside, but they make sandwiches that will make you drool using Boar’s Head. Plus, you can get their food to go, so you can take it to Willow Park or another great outdoor space in Bennington.

They have a wide range of sandwich options, including both cold and hot. One of their hidden gems is a hot panini called The Forever Young. It has peanut butter, apples, and Nutella on it. Plus, it’s vegetarian.

Most of the sandwiches at Elm Street Market are $6 to $12, depending on which you purchase. There’s also a kid’s menu, so it’s a very family-friendly establishment.

Blue Benn Diner

Coffee being poured into a white coffee cup with french toast on a white plate in the background

Arguably one of the most famous restaurants in Bennington VT, is Blue Benn Diner. When you think of a classic diner, you’re thinking of this place. Situated in a railcar from the 1940s, this diner features jukeboxes, tasty meals, and fun booths.

This diner is a favorite among locals, so if you’re looking to learn more about what to do in the area, this is a great place to go. The diner’s interior is very small, so if you’re visiting during a popular time like breakfast, just know you may have to wait a bit to get a seat at a booth.

Madison Brewing Company Pub & Restaurant

A plate of Bavarian pretzels on a table, with a broken pretzel laying on the table beside the plate.

Madison’s is the place to go if you want a relaxed and casual atmosphere with delicious food. This brewpub is on Main Street and was the town’s first. It’s been open since 1990 and has truly become a staple among locals.

Madison’s features fantastic craft beer in addition to a full bar with everything you could think of. Their menu is pretty extensive and also features a children’s section so families can easily eat here without hassle. 

For a real treat, be sure to try their truffle parmesan fries or bavarian soft pretzels as a starter!

Benner’s Bagels Pizza ‘N What Nosh

A white plate with a calzone on the left and a slice of pizza on the right

Benner’s is one of the best restaurants in Bennington VT, to eat at for traditional pizza. They have fun with their pizza menu, too; you can even find pizza bagels on their menu, which is delicious.

In addition to pizza, their menu features tons of great calzones, including the Mac n’ Cheese n’ Cheese, one of my favorite meals in the whole town. It features their homemade mac n cheese with tomatoes. Ask to add BBQ sauce for a real treat!

Pasta, sandwiches, sandwiches, and subs are also on the menu in case you don’t want pizza or calzones.

The Publyk House

Liver and onions on a white plate.

The Publyk House is a classic American restaurant on Harwood Hill Road. It’s one of the best restaurants in Bennington VT, because of its breathtaking views of the nearby hills and the Bennington Monument. They were recently named the most beautiful restaurant in Vermont by Only In Your State.

The interior has a classic tavern feel, and the food is top-notch. With soups, salads, pasta, ribs, and seafood, you can’t go wrong with eating here. They also have tons of cocktails, wines, and desserts for the adults.

Lil’ Britain Fish & Chip Shop

Closeup of a plate with bangers and mash with peas in a white bowl

Yes, Bennington does have its own British Restaurant! It’s located on North Street right near downtown and has every British meal you could think of, including bangers ‘n’ mash and fish ‘n’ chips.

The prices at Lil’ Britain are extremely affordable. They do have a tiny space indoors where you can eat, but you can also order ahead and get it to go. When you visit, be sure to check out their convenience center in the front; they sell tons of delicious candies and sweets from England!

The Grille

A white plate with greens on the left and slices of meat on the right.

Located at the Mt. Anthony Country Club, The Grille is a classic American restaurant open for both lunch and dinner. Their menu changes throughout the year depending on the season, and the food is always delicious which is why it’s one of the best restaurants in Bennington VT.

They have tons of seating, including outdoor patio space with heaters that are in use in the winter. Inside, there are tons of tables perfect for large families or parties going out to eat together.

Keep in mind that The Grille is closed on Mondays to the public, and the only day to get brunch is on Sunday.

Ramunto’s Brick Oven Pizza

A closeup of a deep dish pizza

Last but certainly not least is Ramunto’s Brick Oven Pizza, one of the best restaurants in Bennington VT. It’s right on Main Street and is owned by the same people who run The Avocado Pit, so you can imagine that the pizza is delicious! They make traditional New York-style pizza in tons of flavors.

In addition to pizza, they have a wide variety of other entrees, including sandwiches and pasta. They also have a bar inside. 

Speaking of the interior, the atmosphere inside is casual and comfortable. With televisions everywhere, Ramunto’s gives off the same vibe as a sports bar. They also have ample outdoor seating on their patio.

With so many local restaurants in Bennington VT, it can be hard to choose where to eat. Hopefully, this post has helped you find where to have your next great meal. You really can’t go wrong with any of the places on this list!

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