15 Romantic Things to Do in Boston (+ Where to Stay) 2024

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Boston. A city of history, culture, food, and yes, romance. It’s not surprising that there are countless romantic things to do in Boston.

In early April 2017, my husband and I spent our first wedding anniversary celebrating with a weekend in Boston. We felt there could be no better city in which to toast to our first year as newlyweds.

Combining our own romantic Boston getaway itinerary along with research (plus expert advice from some friends who are Boston residents), we have compiled a solid guide for a romantic weekend in Boston. From what to do and see, to where to eat and where to stay, this guide will help you plan a romantic Boston getaway with your significant other.

Two people walking on a sidewalk next to a body of water
A young couple explores hand-in-hand during a romantic Boston getaway

15 Super Romantic Things to Do in Boston

Start your romantic trip off on the right foot with our list of Boston couples’ activities. Some are great year-round, while others are specific to the season. PS: Save money with a Boston CityPASS that includes admission to the top attractions in Boston.

1.Walk in the Public Garden & Boston Common

There’s something about simply walking together that is a super romantic couples thing to do. This may be because it’s such a laidback activity that gives you uninterrupted one-on-one time. And discovering a new city hand in hand is extra special.

In Boston, one of the finest places to go for a stroll is the Public Garden. This is located in the heart of Boston right next to the Boston Common. In fact, the two are so close they feel like one massive park. Walking here is really enjoyable, especially on a beautiful sunny day. We found it to be one of the most romantic places in Boston!

People walking in a city park
Start your romantic Boston getaway with a walk through the park

During the late spring and summer, you can ride in one of the famous Swan Boats, which have operated since 1877. These are pedaled by a “driver” around the lake, ferrying passengers on a fun little ride. The boats are made for several passengers, so they are not as romantic as a tiny swan for two might be, but still, you can enjoy the experience together.

Looking for romantic things to do in Boston in the winter? This season offers its own magic. The Boston Common Frog Pond freezes over every winter season and hosts a cozy ice skating rink; ice skating in the moonlight is definitely on the top of the cute dates in Boston list.

Grab your partner and glide around the ice with city lights twinkling in the distance. Tres Romantique!

PS: Only have 48 hours in Boston? Check out this guide for some ideas!

A man and woman standing in front of a railing with a body of water behind them
My husband and I enjoying a gorgeous day together in the Boston Public Garden. This is the perfect Boston day date spot!

2. Sip Wine

Wine is an essential part of a romantic trip to Boston–or any romantic trip for that matter! To include wine on your itinerary, you can go beyond just sharing a bottle at dinner.

Boston has a variety of wine tours you can take, and they are generally centered in one specific area of the city. It’s a blend of food culture, wine, and history on these unique tours, and you’ll get a fresh perspective on this exciting metropolis.

Ideal for two would be this Little Italy Wine Tour, which takes you on a walking wine tour of own of the city’s most special spots in the North End.

Or consider this Back Bay wine tour, which lasts 2 hours and takes you sip wine at to some of this upscale area’s most sought-after restaurants.

3. Sail on a Brunch Cruise

One of the most exciting parts of New England is its coastline. You’ll definitely want to include seeing it on your list of romantic things to do in Massachusetts. Hop on the Boston Odyssey Brunch Cruise for an awesome way to experience Boston from the water while also indulging in a scrumptious brunch. 

As this is a unique attraction, it’s great for a special occasion, like celebrating an anniversary in Boston! There are lots of other boat tours in Boston to choose from, too.

Boats in a harbor
Taking a cruise together is always a cute Boston date idea!

If brunch isn’t your thing, there are soooo many other cruises in and around Boston Harbor to choose from. Whichever one you select is sure to give you a memorable New England nautical adventure.

4. Attend the Symphony

The Boston Symphony Orchestra is a cultural staple of the city, and what could make you feel more cultured and refined than attending one of its concerts? Definitely one of the fancier things to do on this list, dress up in your best, grab a cocktail at one of the city’s many terrific bars, and then settle in for a riveting performance and romantic evening in Boston.

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5. Relax With a Couples Spa Treatment

As you look for romantic things to do in Boston, your itinerary demands a bit of luxury. If you’re aiming to “treat yo’self”  you should book a couples spa session to put you both in a blissed-out state of mind.

The G2O Spa and Salon is the place to go for the best couples massage Boston has to offer. This spa offers many options for massage, facials, and other body treatments. After your side-by-side couples massage, you can retreat to the penthouse roof terrace that looks out on posh Newbury Street–one of the most romantic spots in Boston!

6. Visit Boston’s Aquarium

What could be nicer than a walk among seals, turtles, and all of the wonders of the sea? Of all the fun things to do in Boston for couples, this one must include the most cuteness!

The New England Aquarium houses a huge variety of sea life, from the beautiful intricacy of the leafy seadragon to the adorability of the little blue penguins (the smallest penguin species in the world). You and your significant other can even pet rays and small sharks in the Touch Tank.

The museum centers around the Giant Ocean tank, a multistory exhibit featuring a Caribbean menagerie of sea creatures. These include Myrtle, a green sea turtle who has lived in the aquarium since 1970! Bond with your loved one over the beauty of nature.

SKIP THE LINE by buying your tickets now through Viator!

If you’re planning on visiting the aquarium as well as other attractions, you may also want to consider buying either the Boston CityPASS or the Go Boston Pass to save tons of money on attractions. These are definitely a great money-saver.

Not sure which one to buy? Read this article for help deciding which Boston attractions pass is best for you.

A group of people walking in front of a tall building in Old South Meeting House
There are so many fun Boston activities for couples!

7. Explore Boston’s Museums

Some folks’ ideas of romantic Boston getaways might not include Boston museums, but we really enjoy them. Wandering around museums is a low-key way to discover something new together and spend some time appreciating art, history, or culture.

Think that most museums are dry and boring? The Boston Science Museum will change your mind. You’ll encounter exhibits and presentations on things such as dinosaurs, the magic of physics, optical illusions, and the natural world, along with trippy planetarium shows.

A yellow boat in a harbor reflecting on the water

This place is endless fun–you could spend hours here and still have much more to discover. Strolling through the butterfly garden can feel like a sweet romantic thing to do together, but for something more “electrifying” hop into the live lightning display.

For art lovers, the Museum of Fine Arts will suit. This institution opened in the 1870s and has grown into one of the world’s largest and most exhaustive collections of art. The museum currently houses more than 500,000 pieces.

With your partner, you can explore the vast collections, which range from Japanese art to landscape photography to centuries-old textiles.

A tall brick building and skyscraper
Boston is a cool city with so much to see
Other Boston museums to check out:
A statue of a man on a horse
Boston is full of cool historical sights to see, so if you’re looking for cerebral date ideas, Boston is the perfect city for it!

8. Get Your Sam On

Adams, that is. Sam Adams is the iconic Boston beer. Tour the place where it’s made–the Sam Adams Brewery in Boston–and sample some of what’s on tap. The brewery tours are free (though a small donation is suggested), so you can save a bit of cash. (Though if we’re honest, you’ll probably end up taking home a growler of one of their tasty innovative brews.)

It might not be one of the most traditionally romantic things to do in Boston, but for couples like us, it’s a must! Our friends at Our Escape Clause suggest visiting the brewery in their list of more great things to do in Boston.

9. Breathe the Sea Air Along the HarborWalk

The Boston HarborWalk stretches some 15 miles along the outer edge of the city. If you want to have a coastal experience, walk any length of the trail. During your romantic weekend getaway in Boston, you may not have to search very hard to find the HarborWalk.

Many major attractions are located along it, including the New England Aquarium, U.S.S. Constitution Museum, and several different hotels. We found the HarborWalk very peaceful and even secluded, which allowed for a happy, intimate conversation as we walked.

A large body of water with a city in the background
Sometimes the best date idea is a sweet, simple one, like taking a scenic walk together.

10. Follow the Freedom Trail

History buffs–and especially first-time visitors to Boston–should not miss the Freedom Trail. It’s an essential Boston activity. If you follow the brick line running along the sidewalk, you will find yourself in the midst of the trail.

It stretches 2.5 miles and passes 16 historic sites. If you’re curious about Boston’s Revolutionary history, this trail will be your guide. Guided walking tours are offered as well.

A road with a Boston capitol building in the background
Follow the Freeeeedom Trail (to the tune of Follow the Yellow Brick Road, please!)

11. Snap Some Photos on Beacon Hill

All kidding aside, Beacon Hill is one of the most photogenic neighborhoods in all of Boston. Set alongside the northern part of the Boston Common, this quaint area is home to shops, cafes, and a bevy of amazing, multi-million dollar residences.

With cobbled streets and brick sidewalks on its many lanes, the area is simply an Instagrammer’s dream! Have a wander in this neighborhood and perhaps stop into the delicious Tatte Bakery & Cafe for some coffee and pastries.

A large brick building next to an alley
Grab a photo of you and your date in one of Boston’s most photographed spots!

Romantic Things to Do in Boston in Winter

As you might suspect, Boston can get mighty cold in the winter months. Does that mean you shouldn’t come here for a getaway? Nope! In fact, it can be a truly romantic and beautiful time of year, particularly around Christmas. Christmas in Boston is pure magic. In addition to indoor activities above that would suit the winter season (such as getting a couple’s massage or touring the museums) there’s plenty more winter fun things to do in Boston for adults. 

Some of the most popular winter activities in Boston that are perfect for couples include:

12. Go ice skating on the Boston Common Frog Pond

Ice skating is one of the sweetest winter date ideas we know. And what more lovely and wintry setting could there be than the Frog Pond right in the middle of Boston Common?

13. Discover Boston’s Literary Sites

Boston is a hub of literature and thought. On a cold winter’s day, why not spend time at some of the famous bookshops, the stunning Boston Public Library, or one of these other top literary sites in Boston.

14. Grab Afternoon Tea

You know what goes with a good book? A good cup of tea. In Boston, you can enjoy a lovely afternoon tea in many spots throughout the city. Add this to the list of your first date ideas Boston list! Consider the Mandarin Oriental for a particularly luxurious addition to your date!

15. Dine at one of the most romantic Boston restaurants

Romantic restaurants are a MUST. After your days spent adventuring around Boston, you’ll want to settle in for a romantic dinner for two. While Boston has hundreds of great spots to choose from, here are a few that come highly recommended as Boston’s most romantic places to eat.

A man and woman sitting at a table in front of a window
Any of these would make for a great Boston anniversary dinner or any romantic dinner in Boston choice.

Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar

We found Lolita on a list of Boston’s “sexiest restaurants” and we knew we had to try it. Boy, does it deliver on that promise! The place pulses with sensuality from the minute you walk in.

A complimentary granita, wreathed in tendrils of dry ice, is offered to you by a gorgeous staff member (seriously, everyone working there was hot!) dressed in clothing that perfectly matched the vibe.

Everything is red, black, lacy, and gothic. Think punk rock meets the Day of the Dead. Following your tequila splashed granita, it’s onto kickass margaritas and small plates of utterly delectable Mexican food.

We devoured everything we ordered (carne asada, fish taquitos, chicken quesadillas) and would absolutely love to go back.

OAK Long Bar + Kitchen 

During our romantic trip to Boston, we stayed at the Fairmont Copley Plaza, which is incidentally home to a terrific restaurant, the OAK Long Bar + Kitchen. We dined here on the evening of our anniversary.

The vibe in here is great, a cross between an old-fashioned men’s smoking room and a trendy, upscale urban eatery. That is probably owed to the blend of classic leather bar stools and unique, expertly crafted cocktails.

This is a lovely place to cozy up together and have drinks and dinner. A candlelit atmosphere levels up the romance, and if you can get a seat by a fireplace, even better.

For our meals, Nathan ordered the half chicken with vegetables, while I opted for swordfish. Both entrees were excellent, but we have to rave most of all about our appetizer. We ordered the hearth-baked bread, a rustic loaf served with honey butter. Oh my goodness. This is one of those things you could eat forever and never tire of.

Almost Anywhere in the North End

Some of the most romantic restaurants in Boston are those found in the North End. The small, family-owned Italian eateries dotting the area seem to combine true intimacy with unbeatable Italian flavors.

You should go to a restaurant called Lucca. Everything was outstanding: from the cocktails to the ambiance to the service.

Other potential choices include Giacomo’s (a friend tells us the line is regularly out the door), Carmelina’s, and La Famiglia Giorgio’s.

–> More suggestions on where to eat in Boston from our foodie friends at 2FoodTrippers. <–
A group of people sitting at tables in a restaurant
OAK Long Bar + Kitchen; a great option for a romantic dinner in Boston

Where to Stay: Most Romantic Hotels in Boston

The Fairmont Copley Plaza

While I’ve got plenty of suggestions on romantic places stay in Boston, I recommend the hotel where my husband and I stayed for our anniversary: the Fairmont Copley Plaza. This hotel is a Boston landmark, having served guests since 1912.

The Fairmont Copley is in a fabulous Back Bay location that makes it very convenient to many of Boston’s major sites, including some of those listed above. (Psst: my fave Lolita Tequila Bar is a mere 3 minutes away.) Luxurious Newbury Street is just two blocks away, while the Boston Public Library is right across the street. It’s also close to a T station so you can easily head to more distant points.

A sign on the side of a building in a downtown area
Definitely our first choice for a romantic Boston hotel

The Fairmont is nothing short of elegant. It isn’t over the top, but has a stately, refined vibe while still feeling accessible and friendly. It’s really a nice choice for couples traveling to Boston and seems to attract guests in their 30s and 40s.

We were really excited to stay at the Fairmont Copley Plaza because we stayed at another Fairmont hotel almost exactly a year ago, during our honeymoon in Lake Louise. Fairmont hotels are not only grand and beautiful, but they really treat every guest like royalty.

A man and woman dancing in a beautiful ballroom
If you’re looking for romantic places to stay in Boston, def consider the Fairmont Copley Plaza!

The inside of the hotel is opulent and feels a bit palatial–where Versailles meets Boston. The lobby, pictured above, is a feast for the eyes, and from here you can access the restaurant, ballrooms, front desk, and the OAK Long Bar + Restaurant. When we arrived on a Friday, a friendly staff member was handing out beer samples. Nice!

For a truly romantic Boston getaway, you’ll want to opt for the Fairmont Gold level. This area has some of the best rooms and comes with extra touches for great service. You have access to the Gold Lounge with complimentary evening hors d’oeuvres, a breakfast buffet, and more. But in general, the Fairmont offers awesome service at all levels.

What makes the Fairmont Copley Plaza one of the most romantic Boston hotels is not only its classic luxury and fine service but its guest rooms, which are oh-so-comfortable.

Huge beds with soft white linen beckon you to basically spend all day in bed, perfect for a romantic getaway!

Spacious bathrooms and great views combined with 24-hour room service mean you could stay in your guest room forever and still have an utterly romantic weekend. We would definitely suggest the Copley for those looking for a romantic place to stay in Boston. Check prices and book here.

A large hallway with decorative arches and lights
One of the most romantic hotels in Boston

The Liberty

The Liberty Hotel is one of the most popular places to stay in Boston and is just such an epically beautiful property…not to mention the great views over the Boston skyline. 

Gorgeous architecture might be the hallmark of this hotel, combined with its terrific on-site dining and fab location.

The Liberty is at the bottom of Beacon Hill, just a short walk to the Museum of Science, Kendall Square, and Faneuil Hall, so it’s great for those planning to visit some of the most fun and most romantic spots in Boston.

What is unique about this hotel is that it used to be an old jail!  The Liberty has not shrunk from it’s “criminal” past, and so elements of the jail-theme are incorporated everywhere, including the aptly named bar “Clink.”

Want to stay at the Liberty? Click here to check prices and book. 

Other Romantic Boston Hotels

Truly, Boston has many wonderful hotels for couples, including some that are uber-luxurious, and might be considered the finest choices for honeymoon hotels in Boston.

Some of the best romantic hotel packages in Boston can be found at places like The Lenox and The XV Beacon. Click each name for more details about each of these lovely luxury hotels. 

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