Lumen Nature Retreat: Luxury Glamping in the White Mountains

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Glamping is redefining outdoor getaways by blending nature with luxury. The term is a literal combination of camping and glamour, and refers to a travel trend that has exploded in popularity in recent years.

And it’s no wonder. As someone who “kind of” likes camping, but really needs a solid mattress beneath her, I completely understand the appeal of glamping vs traditional camping!

This style of travel is particularly appealing in destinations like the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where the scenery is as magnificent as the comfort is essential.

I recently had the opportunity to stay at Lumen Nature Retreat in North Woodstock, New Hampshire. This glampground had its first season in 2022, so it’s a relatively new player to the scene. But based on my experience, Lumen is already doing awesome things and is on track to be one of the top glamping spots in New Hampshire.

a navy blue enamel mug with a "LUMEN Nature Retreat" logo, resting on a weathered bench amidst a fall forest setting. Sunlight filters through the trees, casting dappled light across the scene, with fallen leaves scattered around.

About Lumen Nature Retreat

I really like the way the founders, married couple Boris and Susan, describe Lumen on the website: “a true ‘bedroom-in-nature’ experience” that combines New England nature with Scandinavian and European design.

The 20-acre retreat site has 20 cabins and 15 glamping tents, thoughtfully arranged in a circular pattern between a river and a lake. This setup means every site has a gorgeous water view! It also means that it doesn’t feel like a crowded campground. There’s plenty of space between you and your neighbors, but it’s far from feeling isolated. I like that community aspect of this type of accommodation.

 a rustic black barn with an open door, nestled in a sunlit clearing surrounded by dense woodland with early autumn colors. Several wooden Adirondack chairs are arranged on the grass, inviting relaxation in this tranquil outdoor setting. The atmosphere is peaceful, typical of a country retreat or a campground scene
The bathhouse and grassy common area

Another smart design is that the cabins and tents fan out with the community bathhouse at the center. That means that you’re never more than a few minutes’ walk from the facilities (important when you feel that midnight call of nature!)

Pro Tip: We stayed at Site 31 in our cabin, and I’m pretty sure you can’t get closer to the bathhouse than this. Great location for me!

Glamping Tents and Cabins at Lumen

The image presents a charming A-frame micro cabin nestled in a forest setting, with the early signs of autumn visible in the changing leaves scattered on the ground. The cabin's striking glass front provides a reflective surface that captures the surrounding woods, enhancing the sense of seclusion. A pair of dark Adirondack chairs await visitors,

There are 4 different types of “rooms” you can book at Lumen, depending on what time of experience you’re looking for. These are:

  • Cabin HYGGE
  • Cabin LYKKE
  • Safari Tent
  • A-Frame Tent

Cabin HYGGE is the largest capacity cabin, with a queen bed in the main cabin and a loft bed above. The loft seems to be a tight squeeze, so probably best recommended for older children or a single adult. There is a clever ladder system stored in the wall that can be used to access this loft. Cabin HYGGE also has a full kitchenette, a relaxation nook with a massive full-wall window, and a fireplace.

the cozy interior of a minimalist A-frame cabin, with a focus on efficient use of space. The room features a comfortable bed, a lofted sleeping area accessible by a ladder, and a neat kitchenette with modern appliances. The wooden walls and flooring give off a warm, inviting atmosphere, complemented by natural light entering through the large windows.
The image displays a peaceful moment inside a cabin, where a child is engrossed in reading a book. The room is well-lit by natural light streaming in through a large triangular window that offers a view of the autumnal forest outside.

Cabin LYKKE is very similar to the HYGGE but without the loft. The beds also seem to be right up against the full-wall window in these cabins, which is a super cozy setup. There also are no indoor fireplaces in these cabins.

The Safari Tent is perhaps what one might think of most when they think of glamping. This is an actual tent (a big one!) but with luxurious amenities within. The Safari Tents look extremely cozy, and look ideal for a family trip. These come in 3 variations: 1 King1 Queen + 1 Twin, or 1 Queen + 2 Bunk Beds. The tents are just slightly more “roughing it” than the cabins (if you can call it that). For instance while I had a mini fridge in my cabin, the tents have a 52 quart cooler available instead. It really just depends how adventurous you want to be.

A Frame Tent: Keeping it simple. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “wow, camping would be perfect if I could just bring my bed” have I got the place for you! These A Frame tents are your minimalistic bedroom in the woods.

a tranquil forest scene with a diverse mix of trees in varying autumn hues reflecting in the still waters of a hidden pond. Sunlight filters through the foliage, highlighting the colors and textures of the leaves, and enhancing the peacefulness of the secluded spot. there is a small aframe cabin tucked amongst the trees

A couple more things to note. All of the sites, both glamping tents and Nordic cabins, have outdoor fire pits for your use, as well as picnic tables and Adirondack chairs to rest your bones.

The cabins also have air conditioning/heating units for temperature control. In the tents, you’ve got the night air as your thermostat.

Finally, it’s great to know that ALL sites include electricity and outlets, so you can stay charged during your stay.

The image features a wooden signboard with the "LUMEN" logo prominently displayed, set against a backdrop of lush greenery. The sign stands at the entrance of what appears to be a nature retreat or park, inviting visitors into the tranquility of the forest beyond. The warm sunlight bathing the scene suggests a welcoming atmosphere for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers.

However, this is a retreat and the goal for guests is to truly unplug, so be aware that there is no WiFi at Lumen. I admit, as a self-diagnosed phone addict, this was a challenge for me. Some phones can get Cellular service here, but my Mint Mobile powered phone could not.

My Stay at Lumen With My Toddler

What a beautiful glamping site. Right upon arrival I declared how pretty it was! Now, my only traveling companion this trip was my 18 month old toddler, so his reply was pretty much “mama, ball, yay!”

This image depicts a young child standing by a large window in a sunlit room, looking out onto a forest with autumn foliage. The rays of sunlight create a warm, ethereal atmosphere in the cabin, highlighting the child's curious expression and the natural beauty just beyond the glass. It's a serene moment that captures the wonder of childhood and the peacefulness of a retreat in nature

Glamping solo with a toddler was….an experience. Having Malcolm with me definitely changed the way in which I experienced Lumen, but as a fairly new parent, I’m realizing more and more that kids change the way you experience everything!

The image showcases a modern, minimalist black cabin named "SOREN" in a forest setting. In front of the cabin, a pair of Adirondack chairs invites guests to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings. The gravel ground and wooden steps to the cabin add to the rustic charm, while the tall trees provide a secluded and intimate atmosphere.

Lumen is definitely a place very welcoming to kids! The large grassy area in the center of the property is perfect for playing and there are a couple of games and things right there, such as a cornhole set and a neat tubular bells display.

Even with a small wild child in tow, this is an incredibly relaxing environment. It’s quiet, beautiful, and there is water all around. Our cabin was backed up to the river. We could admire the flowing water amidst the gorgeous fall foliage through the picture window from inside the cabin, or we could also walk down to explore the river’s edge.

 serene autumn stream lined with colorful trees reflecting the changing leaves in the clear water, with a scattering of rocks and fallen leaves throughout, captured on a bright sunny day
This image showcases a modern A-frame cabin tucked away in a dense forest adorned with the warm colors of autumn leaves. The cabin's large glass facade reflects the surrounding trees, blending the structure seamlessly with nature.

The late afternoon sunlight, the temperatures, the smell of firewood. Bliss.

The cabin itself was perfection. The owners have clearly put so much thought into every detail, from the little accessories lining the shelves to the high-quality kettle and coffee setup. And let’s talk about the bed. Incredibly comfortable! Really nice linens. I slept like a rock—in a good way!

Cozy tiny house cabin interior with a focus on the comfortable bed in the foreground, patterned blanket, and a view of the wooded area through the large window, with a well-equipped kitchenette and sitting area in the softly lit background.

I also really appreciated the air conditioning unit in the cabin. Our early October stay was still a bit warm on some days, and so it was great to be able to easily turn that on and off to match with the changing temperatures. At night, I opened up the windows (screened in) and enjoyed the comfortable, cool White Mountains air.

As far as space, there was plenty of room to set up my son’s travel crib inside the cabin. So we both had a cozy night’s sleep.

A young child smiles from within a portable playpen in a tidy tiny house living area, surrounded by home comforts like shoes neatly paired by the door, a high chair, and a wooden dresser under warm lighting.
Here’s a real behind-the-scenes of glamping with a toddler!

Other Amenities at this New Hampshire Glamping Retreat

There are other aspects of Lumen that I wanted to be sure to share with you. I didn’t get to use all of these, but they are terrific amenities that deserve mention.

First, there are on-site sauna cabins for your use. One is a classic barrel sauna offering a panoramic view of the pond. The other is a square sauna located near the communal lawn and bathhouse. Guests can reserve a time slot to enjoy private sauna time in one of these two.

A modern tiny home-style sauna is nestled among trees in early autumn, with leaves changing colors. The sauna features large glass doors, exterior lighting, and a welcoming wooden deck, set against a backdrop of a clear blue sky.

Another amenity I want to highlight is the bathhouse itself. This is no ordinary camping bathroom, my friends. This is real luxury. The bathhouse is beautiful, temperature-controlled, and inviting. It’s a welcoming beacon in the night when nature calls. And the showers are roomy with spa vibes.

a modern public bathroom interior with illuminated round mirrors, black bucket sinks, and a wooden backdrop. this evokes a calm, cozy vibe

Again, you can see how much the owners have put thought into the special little touches everywhere at Lumen.

image of a bottle of hand soap and bottle of lotion next to a decorative yellow plant. these are sitting on a bathroom counter

If you’re looking to light a fire during your stay–which I highly recommend you do–each site has a smokeless firepit available. You’ll have to purchase your own firewood, but it’s available at the self-service ‘camp store’ located close to the bathhouse. You can also buy Biofuel for use in the Hygge Cabin fireplaces, butane for the tent stoves, and firestarters.

And what about that camping essential: the perfect cup of coffee? I absolutely know the importance of this amenity; I was traveling with a toddler, remember!

In our cabin, we had some tea and coffee provided and a beautiful electric kettle. There were also some helpful printed instructions for making the perfect pour over coffee.

a sign advertising coffee, tea, and hot chocolate for sale, and featuring a scannable QR code for people to pay via mobile

If you need more coffee and tea or even hot chocolate, there’s a self service box attached to the bathhouse. This is a neat little idea, and I love that you can just pay using the QR code. Modern technology, amiright?

Things to Do Near Lumen Nature Retreat

Lumen is one of the best places to go glamping in New Hampshire, but it’s also the ideal spot to base yourself for a trip to the White Mountains. Here at Lumen, you are less than 10 minutes from Lincoln, where the Kangamagus Highway begins. This is an iconic fall foliage drive in New Hampshire, and one of the top attractions in the area. At the end of the Kanc is the town of North Conway, a popular town that has lots to offer as well.

But you don’t even need to go that far to find lots of things to do in the area. Lincoln is home to Loon Mountain Resort, offering 4-season fun, plus the nostalgic Clark’s Bears with its live bear shows. Franconia Notch State Park is also just 15 minutes up I-93, where you can traverse the magnificent Flume Gorge and see other natural wonders like the Basin and Echo Lake. This is where the Artist’s Bluff hike is, as well, with its spectacular views overlooking Echo Lake.

North Woodstock itself has the beloved Woodstock Inn Brewery, and is the home to the New Hampshire Ice Castles, a winter wonder I absolutely recommend.

And PS: Lumen is open for the winter! So you can make plans to marvel at the beauty of the ice castles and then head back to get cozy in your cabin at Lumen.

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Final Thoughts on Glamping at Lumen

I hope you found this Lumen Nature Retreat review to be helpful! I definitely recommend this place to those visiting the White Mountains, and I think this would especially be a great spot for a couple’s romantic getaway.

If you end up booking at Lumen, please tell them Amy and New England With Love sent you!

a toddler boy in a classic simple outfit looks out a large picture window inside a cabin onto an early autumn scene outside.