15 Best Lakes in New Hampshire to Visit this Summer (2023)

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Ah, New Hampshire. This New England state is filled with natural beauty, from the beaches in the Seacoast region to the White Mountains and all the gorgeous lakes in New Hampshire in between!

Plus, there’s a little something for everyone to do along these lakes, whether it’s boating, fishing, kayaking, hiking, or staying in a dreamy lake house. Make sure you add these top lakes in New Hampshire to your travel bucket list this summer. 

Best Lakes in New Hampshire

Lake Winnipesaukee

A wooden dock over a body of water with mountains in the distance

Location: Belknap and Carroll counties in east-central New Hampshire 

Activities: Boating, swimming, fishing 

The Granite State’s largest lake is also one of the best lakes in New Hampshire to visit. Lake Winnipesaukee (pronounced Win-a-pe-sock-ee) is 21 miles long and sits in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, just south of the White Mountains Region. The clean water combined with the beautiful mountains and forestry surrounding the lake make it a popular place for locals and tourists to swim, boat, and fish. 

If you’re looking to rent a boat during your trip to Lake Winnipesaukee, check out Anchor Marine Corporation in Laconia or Goodhue Boat Company in Wolfeboro. Depending on what you find, you can take friends and family on the lake and make great memories.

You can also explore the beautiful communities surrounding Lake Winnipesaukee, including Wolfeboro, Meredith, Moultonborough, and Gilford. 

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Squam Lake 

Body of water in between land covered with green trees

Location: Grafton, Carroll, and Belknap counties in central New Hampshire 

Activities: Swimming, fishing, kayaking 

You’ll find another one of the best lakes in NH northwest of Lake Winnipesaukee. Squam Lake is six miles long and is surrounded by the lake communities of Ashland, Holderness, Sandwich, Center Harbor, and Moultonborough. It’s a lovely spot where people can spend a calm day kayaking, swimming, or fishing for bass, salmon, and perch. 

Squam Lake is located south of the White Mountains, and there are plenty of places to hike around the lake. Eagle Cliff in Sandwich offers great views of Squam Lake, and Five Finger Point and Mount Morgan, both located in Holderness, provide excellent scenic views of the Lakes Region.

There are also plenty of winter activities to participate in around Squam Lake, including snowshoeing under a full moon and the New Hampshire Ice Carving Championship, typically held in February. 

Christine Lake

Location: Kauffmann Forest, Coos County

Activities: Kayaking, canoeing, fishing, bird watching

Located in the protected Kauffmann Forest, this is a wilderness lake. You won’t find concessions or other amenities on Christine Lake, but if you’re looking for a beautifully unspoiled spot to drop a line and listen to the bird calls in the forest that surrounds you, this is it!

Newfound Lake 

Sunset reflected in a body of water with a dock in the foreground

Location: Grafton County in central-western New Hampshire 

Activities: Swimming, boating, fishing 

This pristine lake is easily one of the best lakes in New Hampshire to visit. You’ll find Newfound Lake in Grafton County, surrounded by the towns of Bridgewater, Bristol, Hebron, and Alexandria.

It’s six miles long and has incredibly clean water (some even say it’s among the cleanest water in the world). You can spend the day swimming, boating, and fishing in one of New Hampshire’s best gems. 

One of the coolest things about Newfound Lake is that there are plenty of places to hike around it. There’s a fantastic view of the area if you hike Mount Cardigan in Alexandria. You can also head to Wellington State Park in Bristol for swimming, fishing, and hiking. You’ll be planning your next trip to Newfound Lake before your first one ends! 

Great East Lake

Location: Nestled between New Hampshire and Maine

Activities: Fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking, and sailing

Great East Lake is another NH lake that is known for its exceptionally clean waters. Unspoiled fresh water is always a nice feature to have in a lake you’re about to jump into!

There are over 1700 sq acres of lake to explore at Great East Lake, so there’s plenty of space for your next day at the lake!

Lake Winnisquam 

Clouds reflected in a body of blue water

Location: Belknap County, next to Lake Winnipesaukee 

Activities: Fishing, boating, swimming 

Lake Winnisquam is located next to Lake Winnipesaukee in the Lakes Region of the Granite State. It’s 10.5 miles long and is surrounded by the communities of Sanbornton, Belmont, Laconia, Tilton, and Meredith.

In addition to Lake Winnipesaukee being only just minutes away, Lake Winnisquam offers public beaches in Laconia for tourists and locals to enjoy (Ahern State Park and Bartlett Beach). The lake is a great spot for kayaking, swimming, and fishing. 

There are also some great places to explore around Lake Winnisquam. The town of Tilton has the Tanger Outlets, where you can enjoy tax-free shopping. Laconia has a number of places to dine at, including Laconia Local Eatery and Tavern 27. If you’re in the mood to hike, head to Hamlin Trail near Meredith to get a nice 4.5 mile hike in (dogs are welcome). There’s a little bit of something for everyone during a trip to Lake Winnisquam. 

Conway Lake

Location: Between the towns of Conway and Eaton

Activities: Fishing, swimming, boating, sailing, hiking

Covering 1,316 acres, Conway Lake is a natural lake that is just a quick drive from the White Mountain National Forest. This beautiful NH lake is a popular spot for swimming, fishing, boating, sailing, and hiking.

Rent a cottage on the lake like this one, and you’ll really be set!

Lake Sunapee 

Yellow flowering plants in the foreground with a body of water and distant mountains

Location: Sullivan and Merrimack counties in western New Hampshire 

Activities: Kayaking, fishing, boating, swimming 

You’ll find one of the best lakes  in the western part of the state. Lake Sunapee is around 10 feet long and is surrounded by the communities of Sunapee, Newbury, and New London. There are a couple places for boat access, including Lake Sunapee Public Boat Launch on Lake Avenue in Sunapee.

Bring the boat, or a kayak, to spend your days on Lake Sunapee’s beautiful water. You can head to Mt. Sunapee State Park in Newbury for a fun day of lakeside activities like picnicking and swimming. 

Lake Sunapee has a very rural feel to it, making it a perfect spot to do some hiking. Mt. Sunapee State Park has great hiking trails, and you can also head to Newbury Trail in Newbury for wonderful views. Beautiful views from the forest and the lake—what more could you want?

Spofford Lake

Location: Chesterfield

Activities: Fishing, swimming, boating, sailing, picnicking

Spofford Lake is absolutely stunning, with 732 acres of crystal clear fresh water! This gorgeous lake has a public beach with a nice, shallow shoreline that’s perfect for kids to easily swim in.

The rest of the lake is private residences and private beaches, so mind your manners while visiting! If you can rent one of these cool lake houses on Spofford Lake, you’ll really be set!

Ossipee Lake

Lake at sunset with boats in silhouette and a mountain in the distance

Location: Carroll County in eastern New Hampshire 

Activities: Swimming, boating, kayaking, fishing 

This small but mighty lake is a lovely spot to visit in New Hampshire. This three-mile long lake is found amid the towns of Effingham, Freedom, Madison, Ossipee, Sandwich, and Tamworth. In addition to boating, fishing, kayaking, and swimming, there are public beaches where you can visit to soak up the sun. Head to White Lake State Park in Tamworth for a great spot to catch some rays and swim. 

There’s also plenty of things to do in the area surrounding Ossipee Lake. Head to Center Ossipee to check out local eateries like Indian Mound House of Pizza,  Ossipee Mountain Grille, and Mountain View Station. The food and natural beauty surrounding Ossipee Lake will have you coming back for more. 

Echo Lake

Location: North Conway

Activities: Swimming, fishing, canoeing, hiking, picnicking

Located in beautiful North Conway, Echo Lake is a great New Hampshire swimming lake. Echo Lake State Park is a worthy destination any time of year, with snowshoeing being a popular winter activity, but there’s nothing that beats summer at this New Hampshire lake!

Start off the day hiking the park, then head to the water for a refreshing dip in the lake. This is one of the most popular swimming lakes in New Hampshire.

Lake Wentworth 

A body of water at dusk with a silhouette of a tree on the left of the water

Location: Carroll County in the town of Wolfeboro 

Activities: Swimming, canoeing, kayaking, fishing 

You’ll find another one of the best New Hampshire lakes in the eastern part of the state. Lake Wentworth is nearly four miles long and is a great place to swim, kayak, canoe, and fish with loved ones.

You can get public access through Wentworth State Park in Wolfeboro, where you can also picnic. Parking is limited here, though, so make sure you make a reservation before heading to the park. You’ll cherish the memories you make at this New Hampshire lake! 

Umbagog Lake 

Part of a wooden dock next to a large body of water and fall trees in the distance

Location: Coos County in northeastern New Hampshire 

Activities: Swimming, boating, kayaking, canoeing, fishing 

This wilderness lake is one of the best you’ll find in New Hampshire. Umbagog Lake, which goes beyond the New Hampshire border into Maine, is a large lake that is considered by many as one of the most pristine lakes in the Granite State. You can head to this lake and enjoy plenty of activities, including swimming, boating, and fishing. Visit Umbagog Lake State Park in Cambridge for lakeside fun and camping. You can also rent boats at the state park. 

Don’t forget to plan a hike near Umbagog Lake. Check out the trails within Umbagog Lake State Park and Magalloway River Trail in nearby Errol for some fantastic views. 

Pawtuckaway Lake 

Front of a kayak on the water with another kayaker in the distance

Location: Rockingham County in southeastern New Hampshire

Activities: Fishing, kayaking, swimming 

You’ll be planning a trip to Pawtuckaway Lake before you know it. This beautiful lake is located right near the town of Nottingham in New Hampshire. You’ll actually find access to the lake in Pawtuckaway State Park, where you can swim, kayak, fish, and camp.

If you don’t have a kayak, don’t worry—you can rent kayaks at the park. These activities, along with the hiking trails (and even some horseback riding trails), will make your trip to Pawtuckaway Lake one to remember. 

Lake Francis 

Northern lights seen over a lake at night

Location: Coos County in northern New Hampshire 

Activities: Swimming, boating, kayaking, fishing 

You’ll find one of the best lakes in New Hampshire in the far northern part of the state. Lake Francis is five miles long and surrounded by the beauty of the Great North Woods region.

Many people visit Lake Francis State Park in Pittsburg to camp and spend time by the lake. You can boat, swim, kayak, and fish at the park. There’s even a spot to rent kayaks if you don’t have your own. After a day on the lake, hit the trails within the park and take in the Great North Woods beauty. 

Pittsburg is a tiny town in northern New Hampshire, but there are some restaurants to check out. If you’re in the mood for some Granite State grub, head to Rainbow Grille & Tavern on Beach Road or the burg. on Back Lake Road. Grab some food and create memories to top off a nice rural getaway to the lake.

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