12 Best Restaurants in North Conway, New Hampshire

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When traveling, food truly can make all the difference. Think about it: I bet some of your best trips ever have also been accompanied by excellent meals at top-notch restaurants. Luckily, this post has all of the best restaurants in North Conway, New Hampshire, so you’ll be covered for your next trip.

This article has been carefully curated to include only the best of the best, and each one is top-rated online, so others also love them a lot. You’ll find everything from delicious burger joins to Mexican restaurants with some of the best tacos in town on the list.

Below, learn more about the best restaurants in North Conway NH.

Wicked Craft Fresh Burgers

Closeup of cheese burger and fries

Up first is Wicked Craft Fresh Burgers, which is sort of like a local burger joint. This is the place to go for all of your juicy hamburger needs while visiting North Conway. It’s almost like a fast-food restaurant that doesn’t feel like a fast-food restaurant because it’s locally owned.

At Wicked Craft Fresh Burgers, you can build your own hamburgers and hot dogs to your exact liking. What’s not to love about that? This is perfect for all you picky eaters out there and is sure to satisfy families who are traveling and wondering what the best restaurants in North Conway are.

Muddy Moose Restaurant & Pub

Next up is the Muddy Moose Restaurant & Pub. This American restaurant has a fun wooden cabin theme inside with rustic decor. It has a pretty casual ambiance, making it perfect for a low-key night out.

Inside, there’s a fireplace, wooden paneling, and tons of exciting decor on the walls. Plus, there’s even a bar.

The menu has a wide range of different entrees on the menu, including ribs, nachos, chicken tenders, and even the classic Muddy Moose Burger. With a genuinely traditional American menu, you can find almost anything you’d want on it.

Thai Nakornping Restaurant

For delicious Thai food while visiting North Conway, check out Thai Nakornping Restaurant. This casual restaurant may not seem impressive from the outside, but that’s what makes it so great. The best eateries are always so unassuming!

The service here is always said to be fast, and they even have specific meals just for children. This makes it super easy for families to eat here while traveling. That’s why it’s one of the best restaurants in North Conway!

They have two different menus, one is for dining in, and one is for getting to-go. You can find delicious meals like pad thai, drunken noodles, teriyaki chicken, pa nang curry, and more. Plus, their prices are relatively affordable.

Fiesta Jalisco

Closeup of burritos and avocado

There’s no better place on this list of the best restaurants in North Conway to have Mexican food than Fiesta Jalisco. It’s another restaurant with a more casual setting, but the food is very traditional. There is also a decent amount of outdoor seating.

Fiesta Jalisco is known for having fantastic service, friendly staff, and huge portions of its meals. This means that you’ll be getting a lot of bang for your buck by eating here!

Of course, the menu includes everything you’d expect: guacamole, nachos, quesadillas, tacos, burritos, chimichangas, and more. Be sure to check out their website; it even plays fun music!

Vito Marcello’s Italian Bistro

For a bit more of a fancier setting with delicious Italian food, head to Vito Marcello’s Italian Bistro. This is a fantastic place to go for couples, family gatherings, or just a general nice night out that doesn’t include quick food.

Vito Marcello’s Italian Bistro is charming and has tons of delicious meals and wines. There’s ravioli, calamari, arancini, and almost every type of pasta that you could imagine. There’s also an entire section of the menu dedicated strictly to kids’ meals. 

The restaurant is known for having fantastic service, big portion sizes, and very kind staff, similar to Fiesta Jalisco. It’s one of the charms of small-town restaurants!

Moat Mountain Smokehouse & Brewing Co.

Bowl of nachos with cheese

Sometimes a casual night out with delicious BBQ is what you’re in the mood for. If that time comes, head to Moat Mountain Smokehouse & Brewing Co., easily one of the best restaurants in North Conway, New Hampshire.

A pub known for having very fast seating, this is one place you will not want to miss. Everything on the menu is pretty highly rated too, and the menu is quite full of options.

Some fun things on the menu include chicken wings, Moat Mountain potstickers, smokehouse nachos, and classic barbecue burgers. Plus, they have tons of delicious drinks made in-house.

Delaney’s Hole in the Wall

One of the best restaurants in North Conway to grab sushi and American food (weird combo, but it’s what this restaurant is known for) is Delaney’s Hole in the Wall. It’s a class bar and grill that’s popular among both locals and tourists, which is why it’s so famous.

The wait staff here is incredibly kind and generous, and reviewers always rave about the restaurant’s atmosphere. However, if you plan to visit on a weekend evening, plan on waiting a little bit before you can get seated.

The menu has everything from starters and munchies to fantastic pizza. Some of their great menu items include a basket of cheesy garlic bread (YUM!), harvest quinoa salad, Delany’s signature BBQ chicken pizza, and almost every type of sushi imaginable.

Luchador Tacos

Row of tacos on a cutting board

Next on the list of best restaurants in North Conway, New Hampshire, is Luchador Tacos. There’s no better place in town to head if you want some quick tacos to satisfy your taco craving.

The restaurant is known for always over-giving with their ingredients, so you definitely won’t have a sparse amount of toppings here. You for sure get your money’s worth, which is hard to come by in the 21st century!

In addition to tacos, the menu is filled with tons of other meals. You can buy a taco bowl, burrito, salad, and even a kids taco meal which comes with two tacos and a small drink for the little ones.

Table + Tonic

Table + Tonic in North Conway is the place to go if you love dining at farm-to-table restaurants. While it may not look like much on the outside, the restaurant is known for having an incredibly creative menu.

Plus, the owners use everything from their farm to make most of the meals. This way, you can rest assured that you are truly spending your money on a local business. The menu is constantly changing depending on what season it is!

You can expect the menu to include burgers, wraps, sandwiches, salads, and more in the summer. They also have a robust breakfast menu featuring smoothies, coffees, breakfast bowls, and burritos. 

Peking Sunrise Restaurant & Lounge

One of the best restaurants in North Conway for Chinese, Japanese, or Thai food is Peking Sunrise Restaurant & Lounge. The restaurant is most well known for its fantastic food and fun umbrella drinks. There’s also a tremendous buffet here so you can genuinely eat anything you want for just one price.

The menu is pretty comprehensive. It has chow mein, egg foo young, sashimi, nigiri, yaki udon, and more. There’s also a super long list of great sushi. You could pretty much get any sushi you could imagine at this restaurant.

Flatbread Company

A pizza inside a wood fired oven

Head to Flatbread Company in North Conway for delicious wood-fired pizza! The menu features tons of entrees that are made with organic ingredients, too, so you can eat clean while still enjoying pizza.

What makes Flatbread Company so fun and cool to eat at is that you can pretty much see the giant clay wood-fired pizza oven no matter where you are sitting. You can literally watch your food cook!
Almost any type of pizza that you can imagine can be purchased here. Plus, if you don’t know what type of pizza to get, you can ask, and they’ll recommend a good one for you.

Peach’s Restaurant

Last but not least is one of the best restaurants in North Conway, New Hampshire, for breakfast, Peach’s Restaurant. They also serve lunch and have ample outdoor seating with umbrellas so you can easily enjoy the weather.

What sets Peach’s Restaurant apart from other establishments is that they have super quick service, even at breakfast. It’s also a smaller restaurant, so it has an authentic hometown feel to it.

The menu has excellent, sweet crepes, savory crepes, egg dishes, sandwiches, burritos, pancakes (of every kind), french toast, and more. Some of their standout dishes include chocolate stuffed french toast, BBQ pulled pork benedict and Guinness bratwurst.

There is truly a multitude of great places to eat in North Conway. No matter what place you pick from this list of the best restaurants in North Conway, you’ll truly be in for a treat. Each one is amazing and has its own personality that earned it a spot on this list!

Which restaurant on this list would you most want to eat at during your visit to North Conway? 

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