21 Best Beaches on Cape Cod for Your 2023 Beach Bucket List

Cape Cod is one of the most famous coastal spots with great beaches to choose from. Cape Cod is a perfect vacation spot, at all times of the year… have you ever been to Cape Cod in the fall? It’s so underrated!

There are beautiful biking and walking trails, delicious ice cream shops, cool hotels and vacation rentals, and so much more to see and do, the beautiful Cape Cod beaches are just the delicious icing on the proverbial cake.

Check out these Cape cod beach accommodations for places to stay for a dreamy weekend getaway. Cape Cod is a perfect trip away from home.

From lobster rolls to lighthouses, Cape Cod has so much to offer its visitors!

These are some of the best beaches on Cape Cod for all preferences. Let’s dive in!

Don’t have time to read the whole post? These are our top recommendations:

🌊 Best Cape Cod Beach with Kids: Paine’s Creek

🌊 Best Cape Cod Beach for Surfing: Marconi Beach

🌊Best Cape Cod Beach for Soft Sand & Clear Water: Ballston Beach


Best Beaches on Cape Cod

Mayflower Beach

A serene, public beach is seen with a golden sunset overhead reflecting in the ocean
Cape Cod beaches are especially dreamy at sunrise and sunset!

Mayflower beach is one of the favored Cape Cod beaches; you’ll find it on most lists, including our list of best beaches in Massachusetts

At this Mid Cape beach, low tide means travelers can walk for miles until they reach the sea, and it’s the perfect place to watch the sunset. Located in the town of Dennis, the beach is equipped for families and offers plenty to do. They have lifeguards on duty, clean bathroom facilities, snack bars, and areas to have picnics and games.

Mayflower Beach is truly the quintessential Cape Cod beach, offering everything if you’re alone or with friends and family. Plus, there’s plenty of space to walk around or alongside the ocean. A bonus is the conveniently located parking for easy accessibility. Due to its proximity to the Cape, the waves are less intense than other areas of the Cape.

Race Point Beach

Located in Provincetown, this is a great Cape Cod surfing beach due to its surf conditions, but people do still swim here, too. If you’d prefer to simply admire this lovely beach from land, the popular Province Lands Bike Trail is nearby.

It’s also just a few blocks away from Provincetown fun, so Race Point Beach is a great starting spot for all kinds of fun P-town adventures!

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Veterans Park Beach

Close up of plants growing near the coast under a sunset sky.
Cape Cod beaches are favorite subjects for photographers.

If you’re looking for a little history with your sand, you are in luck: Veterans Park Beach is located in Hyannis, by the seaside. It’s home to two historic memorials: one commemorating the Korean War and the other to honor former President John F. Kennedy. You can expand your history while spending time at the beach.

Although Veterans Park Beach is small, it has plenty to offer!  There’s ample space for games, picnic or barbeque space, picnic tables, and a snack bar for convenience. It’s also close to yacht clubs, making it easy to watch sailboats. You’ll love this charming beach in the Cape.  

Paine’s Creek

One of the best Cape Cod beaches with kids, Paine’s Creek offers mostly protected waters and a whole lot of fun for kids – and their adults – to go exploring the tidal pools that remain at low tide!

There are portable toilets at this beach too, but parking is very limited (and requires a parking sticker or you’ll get a ticket) so it’s suggested to arrive early! This is a very popular Cape Cod beach for kids.

Chatham Lighthouse Beach

Sandy coast with greenery growing on it. A sailboat is floating on the water in the distance.
Chatham Lighthouse Beach

You cannot think of Cape Cod without thinking of lighthouses. Located southeast of Chatham, this beach is perfect for anyone, but it’s important to note that lifeguards patrol only parts of the beach. It’s essential to be aware, especially with children.

It’s a great spot for its views. People love to go to watch the sunrise or sunset. You can see lots of boats passing and possibly some wildlife. 

Monument Beach

Monument Beach is a beautiful, large beach located in the town of Bourne. It’s big enough not to be overwhelmed and enough to sneak away from crowds. This beach offers windsurfing, volleyball, and other fun beach activities.

It’s a great size, and the water isn’t too rough, so it’s perfect for bringing kids for a family trip. Monument Beach has clean public restrooms, food stands, lots of accessible parking, and lifeguards on duty during the days. 

Seagull Beach

Birds flocking on a sandy coastline.
Cape Cod beach

Yes, you can expect to see a few seagulls while visiting this massively popular beach. Seagull Beach is located in Yarmouth, MA. The largest and one of the most favored beaches in Yarmouth and definitely one of the top beaches in Cape Cod. Seagull Beach appeals primarily to a younger crowd.

People love Seagull Beach because of its size. It’s quite huge. There’s lots of space to explore and options to enjoy water activities, like wind-surfing or boogie boarding.

The water is relatively calm, making it perfect for swimming. Due to its size, you can find practically anything you need. There are food stands and snack stations. Their public toilets are wheelchair accessible and clean. You can even take swimming lessons. Plus, they have easy to access parking. 

Craigville Beach

Craigville Beach has plenty of space to spread out on the sand, so this is a popular beach for sunbathers, beach walkers, and swimmers alike. Another perk of this pretty beach is that it sits across the street from several Cape Cod restaurants, so once you’ve worked up an appetite, you don’t have to go too far to fulfill it!

Parking isn’t typically too bad at this Cape Cod beach, either.

Marconi Beach 

A windswept grassy dune beach is seen with a wooden beach fence holding the dune back by the deep blue sea under light blue skies.
Grassy dunes and a windswept fence can make any beach feel oh, so romantic!

Marconi Beach is easily one of the best beaches on the Cape. Extremely popular and usually busy, it is home to large dunes and perfect for surfers looking for consistent waves.

Not only can you find great views and lots of room to explore, but the beach is also equipped with lifeguards, making it easier for families to bring smaller children.

PS: This beach is also on our list of top Wellfleet beaches.

Skaket Beach

One of the top family friendly beaches on Cape Cod, Skaket Beach has relatively calm waters and a whole lot of shoreline. Having lifeguards present always helps, too!

The parking situation at Skaket Beach gets a little much, so show up early if you can.

Sandy Neck Beach

Giant sand dunes next to the coast with greenery on it under a bright blue sky.
Sandy Neck Beach

When a beach has “sand” in its name, there’s no doubt you can expect lots of it. That’s the case for this Cape Cod gem, Sandy Neck Beach, located in Barnstable. Now, this isn’t your typical beach option…

Sandy Neck is perfect for those looking for off-roading adventures. It has impressive dunes to take an offroading vehicle like a jeep to handle the landscape. Aside from off-roading Cape Cod here, you can enjoy nature trails and horseback riding. If you want a unique beach experience, definitely check out Sandy Neck Beach. 

Cold Storage Beach 

Located not too far from Mayflower Beach in East Dennis is Cold Storage Beach. Not many people know about this beach, which makes it charming. It’s nicely secluded. It doesn’t have many notable extras as other beaches in the cape.

There’s an impressive jetty for climbing, a signature of most Cape Cod beaches. There are no food accommodations here, but there are lifeguards and bathroom facilities. Cold Storage Beach is perfect if you want a quiet escape.

Nickerson Park

Waves crashing against the sandy coast with mountains in the background.
Scenic beach views

Who says the best beaches in Cape Cod have to be right on the ocean? Nickerson Park is similar to Sandy Neck Beach since it offers a different type of beach experience.

Nickerson Park is the perfect alternative to an ocean beach. Nickerson offers canoeing, kayaking, and camping while having beautiful beaches to relax. It’s ideal for a weekend getaway with lots to do and the option to camp overnight. There are also lots of shaded spots, unlike many beaches, if too much sun isn’t your thing,

Coast Guard Beach

Named for the former Coast Guard station that still sits on its shore, the Coast Guard Beach is a great place to go for beach activities like sand volleyball, bird watching, and boogie boarding.

Heads up, there is no parking for non residents at this beach, so you’ll need to either bike or use the free shuttle from Little Creek lot.

LeCount Hollow Beach

Sandy coastline by the ocean with people walking along the edge in the distance.
LeCount Hollow Beach

LeCount Hollow Beach is also similar to Sandy Neck Beach, with massive dunes to off-road. It’s also a perfect beach if you want to play sports like volleyball, football, or soccer. This beach has the space for it. It’s an ideal place to get together with friends and compete in sports. 

West Dennis Beach

A popular pick for family friendly Cape Cod beaches, West Dennis Beach is a beautiful stretch of sand with all kinds of amenities. You’ll find lifeguards, restrooms, a snack bar, and a playground onsite at this lovely beach, making it one of the most kid friendly beaches for kids on Cape Cod!

The warmer water found here doesn’t hurt, either.

Old Silver Beach

A clear blue water beach is seen under a blue and orange sky during sunset.
Cape Cod beach

Old Silver Beach is the quintessential Cape Cod beach, located in Falmouth, one of  the most popular Cape Cod towns. It’s not known for its extras, but it’s classic beach atmosphere and warmer and calm water. 

Old Silver Beach is one of two bays that connect to the Cape Cod Canal. Therefore, you have ample space to walk alongside the beach, go swimming, and the kids have room to play. 

Nauset Beach

Nauset Beach is home to the gorgeous Nauset Lighthouse, one of the prettiest lighthouses in Massachusetts, so this is a popular spot for photographers. There are designated sections for swimming and surfing here, but it’s more common to just go and appreciate the scenery at this pretty Cape Cod beach!

Mayo Beach

Sun setting over the coast with mountains in the distance.
Sunset on Cape Cod

Located near Wellfleet Harbor, you can find Mayo Beach. Beautiful with its grassy patches around the beach, it’s ideal for sitting for hours and enjoying a book. It’s a secluded spot, not a lot of crowds or people. It’s not as known for its sports, amenities, or waves. It’s much calmer, more tranquil.

The sand is packed down and perfect for yoga. It’s an ideal spot to bring kids since there is a playground across the street at Baker’s Field. Parking is easy to access and free. Common facilities at the beach include bike racks, restrooms, and a boardwalk. 

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East Sandwich Beach

East Sandwich Beach is located on North Shore Road in Sandwich, MA. Although it’s bigger than many beaches, it doesn’t have crowds. It’s much quieter and tranquil.

East Sandwich Beach has rock jetties around the area and smaller dunes to walk around. There’s space for kids to build sandcastles in the soft sand. The parking is easy to find and accessible. They have amenities such as public restrooms, and umbrellas are available for public use. 

Ballston Beach

Close up of a sand dune along the coast.
Beautiful Ballston Beach

If you want a quiet time away from the crowds or a perfect location to bring your family, Ballston is the beach for you. Ballston Beach is located in the town of Truro. The scenery is beautiful, ideal for sunrise or sunset. The views at Ballston are so picturesque. Its landscape inspired work from American painter Edward Hopper. If you’ve seen his work, you’ve seen the cape.

Make plans for some salty air, sunshine, and sand. Don’t miss out on these gorgeous Cape Cod beaches!

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