Where to Go Fishing in Vermont

Are you wondering where to go fishing in Vermont? You’re in luck! There are so many incredible ponds, lakes, and more throughout the state which are perfect for a day outside, no matter the time of year.

Whether you’re visiting the northern or southern part of the state, you’re in luck. There are places to go fishing in Vermont all over the state, and some of the places are more popularly visited, while others are hidden gems that not even every local has heard of.

Here is where to go fishing in Vermont! Don’t forget to grab your pen and paper to take notes while reading.

Baker Pond

Father and son fishing at a lake on the shoreline

First up is one of the lesser-known places if you want to know where to go fishing in Vermont, Baker Pond in Brookfield. It’s in the northern part of the state and is often only visited by locals, making it somewhat of a hidden gem.

Note that because this is just a small pond, the amenities aren’t as great as what you’d get at other places throughout this list. There is a boat launch, but there aren’t any restrooms around the area. The pond is also not super deep but is still great for catching smaller fish if you’re looking for a more tranquil area to go.

The most popular fish that you’ll find in Baker Pond include pumpkinseed sunfish and largemouth bass. This is a great place to go fishing in Vermont if you want to go with kids because it’s so small. It can be a great first place to go fishing. For those looking for more advanced fishing and other types of fish, it may be worth traveling a bit further to go to one of the other places on this list.

Lake Bomoseen

Guy smiling on a boat while holding a fish

Lake Bomoseen is part of Bomoseen State Park, one of the great state parks in Vermont! It’s near both Castleton and Hubbardton, so it’s not very far from places like Rutland, Bennington, or even Manchester, if you’ll be in that area.

This is easily one of the best places to go if you’re thinking about where to go fishing in Vermont because of its large size. In fact, it’s the biggest lake in all of Vermont, so there are tons of places to go fishing here.

Some of the common fish that can be caught at Lake Bomoseen include rainbow smelt, pumpkinseed, black crappie, smallmouth bass, yellow perch, and brown bullhead. There are also many minnows that can be caught there.

It’s easy to get out on Lake Bomoseen with a boat, but you can also rent kayaks, pedal boats, rowboats, and canoes if you don’t own one of your own. Get out onto the lake at either the Thomas Evanoika access area or Kehoe access area.

Truthfully, you don’t even need a boat to go fishing here, as there are many spots along the shore to go fishing too! The best place to go fishing here is as far from the shore as possible, near the southeastern part of the park. Use topwater lures to get the fish easier, especially early in the day!

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Burton Island State Park (Lake Champlain)

Close up of a fishing pole with water in the background

This is yet another spot for Vermont fishing that’s located within a state park! Burton Island State Park is on St. Alban’s Point right along Lake Champlain. It’s easily one of the best places to go if you want to know where to go fishing in Vermont!

To get to Burton Island State Park, you do have to take a boat or even a ferry. It can be difficult fishing here later in the day because there are many boats in the area. Fish early in the morning for the best opportunity for fishing.

While fishing, you will find that there are many different species of fish throughout the lake. Some of them include yellow perch, chain pickerel, pumpkinseed sunfish, and even rock bass. These tend to be the most popular fish throughout the pond.

Because this is a state park, expect greater amenities than you’d find at smaller ponds throughout the state. For the best time fishing, be sure to bring live worms. Those tend to do best here at Burton Island State Park.

Lake St. Catherine State Park

Two people drifting in a boat while fishing on the lake

If you want to know where to go fishing in Vermont, look no further than Lake St. Catherine State Park! It’s located right within Rutland County and is near Poultney. It’s an incredibly serene and beautiful place to go fishing within the state.

Like other lakes and ponds in the state, the typical fish you’ll find here include pumpkinseed sunfish, smallmouth bass, crappie, and yellow perch. There are also northern pike and bluegill within the waters.

In addition to fishing, there are other fun things to do at this park, like swimming and even camping. Boats are available to rent right at the park if you don’t want to bring your own. There’s even a playground to keep children entertained.

If you do have a boat, be sure to head out to Cones Bay for the best possibility of fishing. Worms with bobbers work perfectly as bait at Lake St. Catherine State Park.

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Echo Lake, Camp Plymouth State Park

Fishing pole laying on a plank of wood near the lake

Located in Camp Plymouth State Park, Echo Lake is a great spot to go fishing within the state of Vermont. Of course, it’s at yet another VT state park! Hopefully, you’re starting to see the pattern here.

There are a few different ways to go fishing here. You can go out on your boat and fish right within the lake if you’d like. However, you can also do shoreline fishing here if you’d rather not go out on a boat. This is perfect for first-time fishers, especially if you’re fishing with children. Boats are available for rent at the park if you don’t own one of your own.

Of course, because this is at a state park, there are many different amenities. There are restrooms, parking, boat launches, and even a park office. There’s also a swimming area in case you want to swim a bit once you are done fishing for the day.

Silver Lake State Park

Fish jumping out of a lake

Next up is Silver Lake State Park in Barnard! If you’re wondering where to go fishing in Vermont, this is a great place to go. It’s a popular park among locals because it’s filled with spots for camping, picnicking, swimming, and fishing.

A few of the popular fish that you’ll find within Silver Lake State Park waters include rock bass, pumpkinseed sunfish, and northern pike. The lake itself is just shy of 100 acres, so it’s pretty easy to find a spot for yourself to go fishing throughout the day.

Amenities at this park are also great. There are many campsites in case you want to spend the night. There are also wheelchair-accessible areas, a snack bar, picnic spots, showers, and restrooms. This has tons of amenities compared to smaller ponds throughout the state.

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Shelburne Bay

Woman fishing on a pond

Located along the coast of Lake Champlain is Shelburne Bay. It’s a beautiful spot to go for Vermont fishing and can be fun for all ages. Just like the name suggests, it’s located in Shelburne and is a short drive from the must-visit city of Burlington.

There are a few ways to get out on the bay to go fishing, including from La Platte River and the Shelburne Bay Access Area from the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. Most locals say that the best spot to catch fish here is near the bridge, so try to grab a spot near there for the best luck.

There are just shy of 100 different fish species in Lake Champlain, making it one of the more eclectic spots to go in the state. Expect to find yellow perch, largemouth bass, northern pike, brown bullhead, and more. There are also some special fish that you’ll only find in the fall or spring.

The best way to catch fish here is to use worms with bobbers. There are many places throughout Shelburne and Burlington where you can go and purchase some if you don’t have any in your backyard that you can use.

Lake Shaftsbury State Park

Three people sitting in a boat on a lake

Last but not least is Shaftsbury Lake in Shaftsbury, Vermont! It’s easily one of the top spots to go fishing, especially if you’re in the southern part of the state near Bennington, Manchester, or even Brattleboro.

There are excellent amenities here, like restrooms, and pets are allowed to come to the park. There are also places for camping if you want to camp during your stay there to get the best fishing spots in the early morning.

Like other places on this list, you can go fishing from the shore (which is what most people will do) or go out on the water with a boat. There are also boats available for rent right at the park. Popular fish to catch here include rock bass, trout, bluegills, and pumpkinseed sunfish.

This post was all about where to go fishing in Vermont! Hopefully, you now know exactly where to go to get the best fishing experience this summer. Don’t forget to share this post for later in case any other travelers are looking for a similar experience!

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