12 Best Beaches in Nantucket for Island Fun in 2023

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Nantucket is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the US, and yes, there are a lot of places to explore where the ocean meets the shore! Beaches in Nantucket offer summer sunbathing and swimming opportunities, peaceful places to stroll in the winter, and all the spectacular sunrise and sunset views that you can imagine.

Nantucket beaches are just one part of what makes this island such a popular vacation spot, but they are a big part! Whether you’re looking for the beaches closest to your hotel or vacation rental or you are looking for a specific beach activity, this list of the best beaches in Nantucket should help point you in the right direction.

Don’t have time to read the whole post? These are our top recommendations:

🌊Best Beach in Nantucket for Kids: Children’s Beach

🌊Best Surfing Beach in Nantucket: Cisco Beach

🌊Best Sunset Beach in Nantucket: Madaket Beach

Beaches in Nantucket

Children’s Beach

Children’s Beach is one of the best beaches in Nantucket for kids and the entire family as its located in the calmer waters of the Nantucket Harbor. There’s a great playground for the kiddos to play on and it’s a short walk to town.

There are great beach amenities like restrooms with rinse off showers, a food place and picnic tables for a seaside lunch, and lifeguards on duty. You may even see a ferry or boat out on the Atlantic while sitting on the sand! 

To get to the beach, type in 15 Harbor View Way into your GPS. You’ll be blown away by how cute and relaxing this family friendly Nantucket beach is. 

Jetties Beach 

Aerial view of a Nantucket beach lined with lounge chairs next to the ocean
Nantucket beaches look great from all the angles!

One of the most popular  beaches in Nantucket is Jetties Beach. Jetties Beach is located on the north shore of the island and is known as a clean and family-friendly beach that many tourists and locals like to visit, and there are lifeguards on duty and beach amenities like restrooms and rinse off showers.

One place you have to check out if you go to Jetties Beach is Sandbar at Jetties Beach. This seaside restaurant offers burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, salads, and of course, seafood. Look it up along Bathing Beach Road in Nantucket when it opens for the season. 

Miacomet Beach

One of the sweetest South Shore beaches in lovely Miacomet, with its soft sandy shores and its beautiful surf. Lifeguards are present at this Nantucket beach, but there are no other facilities, so heads up! This is a popular locals beach in Nantucket.

Madaket Beach

People walking on a Nantucket beach at sunset
Madaket is always one of the most popular sunset beaches in Nantucket.

If you’re on the southwest side of Nantucket, take a trip to Madaket Beach. You can get to its sandy shores either through a 5.5-mile paved bike path, or the seasonal NRTA shuttle bus. The surf can be rough at times, so make sure you do your research before hitting the shore. If you plan on driving, be aware that parking can be a challenge since spots are limited. 

One of the best things to do at Madaket Beach is to watch the sunset. There aren’t any food shacks on the beach, but popular Madaket Millie’s is a great place to stop on your way out! Watching the sunset on this gorgeous Nantucket beach will definitely be a highlight of your trip.

Steps Beach 

A rock with the words \
Steps Beach in Nantucket rocks!

One of the best beaches in Nantucket is Steps Beach, located along Lincoln Avenue. It’s located between the popular Dionis Beach and Jetties Beach, and it’s called Steps Beach for a reason. You have to tackle a lot of stairs to get to and out of the beach, but pause a moment at the top of the stairs to take in that spectacular view!

If you do go, keep in mind that there’s not a lot of parking, so this is definitely a plan ahead and arrive early beach, and there are no facilities or lifeguards. However, if you plan the trip right, you’ll get great beach views and a lovely Nantucket beach story to tell!

Surfside Beach 

Waves lapping the shore as the sun goes down on a popular Nantucket beach.
Nantucket beach views never get old.

Surfside Beach is one of the popular south shore Nantucket beaches. This beach has amenities such as public restrooms, showers, and even a place to grab food.

You’ll likely see families enjoying the oceanside view and avid surfers navigating the waves. Plus, there are some incredible sand dunes to see! Just head to the end of Surfside Road and you’ll get there. 

Brant Point Beach 

A lighthouse on the beach in Nantucket with a sailboat in the water
Brandt Point Beach

One of the most scenic beaches in Nantucket to visit is Brant Point Beach, located along the north shore. It’s an easy walk from town and a great place to watch boats come through.

While you’re there, you can see the Brant Point Lighthouse, one of the oldest lighthouses in the country. It was first established in 1746 and is still in use today. It’s one of the cutest lighthouse beaches in Nantucket and is an excellent place for a coastal photo shoot. It’s a great spot to admire the view and soak in a piece of beautiful history! 

Cisco Beach

Waves lapping at the shore at sunset
Another one of the popular surfing beaches in Nantucket!

Cisco Beach is another one of the best surfing beaches in Nantucket. Cisco Beach is located along the southern shores of Nantucket and is known for having admirable waves. Anyone who’s into surfing or is a strong swimmer will enjoy the currents, and there’s a spot for surf board rentals and lessons, too! There are lifeguards present but no other facilities, so heads up.

There’s also a 4-mile bike path along Hummock Pond Road that people can cycle down to head to town. It’s just a very picturesque spot altogether!

Siasconset Beach 

A sandy walkway to the beach through the dunes
Siasconset is a great sunrise beach in Nantucket!

Another one of the best beaches in Nantucket to visit is Siasconset Beach. Siasconset Beach is located on the eastern part of Nantucket and is known as a quieter beach that has incredible views of the sunrise. It’s also known as a place where you can see a seal or two hanging out on the shore.

This lovely Nantucket gem is also within walking distance of shops and restaurants of ‘Sconset, so it’s a great place to begin your day in Nantucket!

40th Pole

Looking for beaches you can drive on in Nantucket? 40th Pole is one of the best beaches in Nantucket for this in part due to its very dense sand, and it also happens to be a great place to take a dip as the water is calm and shallow.

However, there are no lifeguards or facilities at this Nantucket beach, so swim at your own risk and plan ahead. You can click here to apply for a beach driving permit and check guidelines.

Dionis Beach 

Grass, sand and the ocean's edge on a cloudy day
Nantucket beach scenery is so very lovely!

If you travel along Bathing Beach Road in Nantucket, you’ll find Dionis Beach. Dionis Beach has hard-packed sand, but calm and beautiful water. You can bring your loved ones here to walk along the beach, watch the waves hit the shore, and admire the sand dunes. You can also grab a seashell or two while on your walk. 

Some amenities Dionis Beach offers include a bike rack, restroom, vending machines, and a parking area. Make sure you add this spot to your must-see Nantucket beach list, especially if you love scenic beach photography.

Ladies Beach

A sandy walkway through the dunes
Just Nantucket beach things.

If you head to the southwest side of Nantucket, you’ll find one of the best beaches in Nantucket: Ladies Beach. Ladies Beach has a rougher coastal line, but don’t let that fool you. This is a great hidden gem Nantucket beach to visit!

Plus, you can do things like boogie board when the tide is low. It also tends to be a quieter beach, so if you’re looking for a less-populated area, Ladies Beach is the place to go. Keep the conditions in mind, though, as heavy waves can come crashing on the shore and there are no lifeguards and no facilites here.

There are plenty of great beaches to visit in Nantucket. The key is to decide what you’re looking for in Nantucket beaches: do you want a quieter Nantucket beach or a popular place where you’ll be vying for a spot in the sand? Do you like calm shorelines or crashing surf? Amenity filled Nantucket beaches or hidden gem type spots? Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a Nantucket beach out there just for you!

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